• My History of Programming(-ish) Languages

    I thought it would be good to write down the programming languages I’ve used and the context that I learned them in. So here we are. 1980 - Logo (Turtle Graphics) My earliest computer programming...
  • Nice backup solution for PFSense => TrueNAS

    For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been nerding out on some home networking stuff. I blame my friend Eric for introducing me to the wonders of TrueNAS and pfSense. This post outlines how I use Tru...
  • TrueNAS for Awesome Home Storage, Media, and Backups TrueNAS for Awesome Home Storage, Media, and Backups

    yo I’m a constant optimizer and evolver with basically everything. I also enjoy working with computers, so challenges around technology are more fun for me than they are chores. This post captures...
  • Request: Chain Views in Ableton Live Request: Chain Views in Ableton Live

    As an Ableton Live user, I appreciate its approach to interface. Part of their interface philosophy is the extreme consistency within the Ableton-provided devices. This allows for a deeply opiniona...
  • Bringing Customer Focus to Your Engineering Team

    In my experience, one attribute that makes a great software engineering team is their level of customer focus. By customer focus, I mean understanding their customer’s needs and placing that front ...
  • Ye Olde Yahoo! Ye Olde Yahoo!

    Early Yahoo! was a very special place. It was magical and rudimentary at the same time. I joined probably past the true magical era, and was hired in Yahoo!’s first hyper-growth, bulking-out phase ...
  • What I Learned At Stripe What I Learned At Stripe

    In February 2022, I left my job at Splunk to take some time first to relax then to focus on finding a fantastic next job. I managed to do both during my three months of funemployment, landing a job...
  • Perpetual Storage Perpetual Storage

    Where does the data go? Where does it go after you die, after the app company folds, after the powers of the world shift? Your phone is a single generation of a very long line of obsolete devices...
  • Four Year Checkin: Tesla Model 3 Four Year Checkin: Tesla Model 3

    In November 2018, I decided to order a Tesla Model 3. So far it’s been a joy to own and drive. This post details my history and experiences with the car, and gets into just how much money I’ve sav...
  • So You Have a New Teen Driver!

    So your teenager is old enough to learn to drive. That’s awesome! For a parent, it can also be terrifying. I mean, they’re the most precious people in our lives – isn’t it irresponsible to put them...
  • TapPanVerb - A Reverb + Delay Tap Field + Feedback Effect

    Last week I had an idea for an effect. I was thinking that a reverb effect should give you control over the pan position of the reverb at a given time after the initial impulse enters the reverb. T...
  • Top Things I Wish Were More Clear In Max/MSP

    I really enjoy working in Max/MSP, especially on Max For Live devices. This is something that sets Ableton Live apart from other DAWs, and really speaks to the Art+Science part of me. I didn’t alw...
  • Automation Math Automation Math

    tl;dr If you just want to install it, then head over to the GitHub project page for download links and instructions. Context In Ableton Live, once you assign an automation source to a control, y...
  • Knobbler - The Pursuit of an Auto-Labeling Control Surface for Ableton Live Knobbler - The Pursuit of an Auto-Labeling Control Surface for Ableton Live

    I’m a big fan of purposeful physical interfaces to computer interfaces for the same reason why I’m a big fan of fully keyboard-controllable apps (bonus points for modal interfaces and a bias for ...
  • Consolidate and Loop in Ableton Live

    I’m an efficiency freak. In either my personal or professional life, I’m always looking for ways to eliminate steps in a process, especially if those steps are ones that a person has to take. Somet...
  • Using Terminal vim as an External Editor on Mac

    If you’re reading this, then please allow me to welcome you – a fellow person of specific needs and preferences! It has bothered me several times in the past that I can’t use my text editor of cho...
  • Access Virus and Me

    The Access Virus is a music synthesizer that was first sold around 1997. It was one of the first “virtual analog” synths, which means that it uses computer code that simulates the behavior of analo...
  • Making 'git diff' Work For .amxd

    Here’s a quick tip if you’re using git for revision control in developing Max/MSP or Max For Live devices. Perhaps you have been here? $ git diff diff --git a/cool.amxd b/cool.amxd index c7a9b88....
  • My Fastest Mile

    My fastest mile ever happened on the right shoulder blade of Mission Peak. See, Mission Peak sits facing Fremont, the Bay, the Peninsula. Watching over it all in its regal pose. For those lucky eno...
  • What Comes Next?

    I have 25+ years of experience in the Internet applications space, with that time split between IC and management positions - but always hands-on as an engineer. I have worked in all layers of the ...
  • Faderboard Version 3

    This post details a significant update to my original Faderboard device for Ableton Live. I finally made time to learn enough Max for Live to do this in the way that I always wanted. The prior ver...
  • Vestax Faderboard (-ish) In Ableton Live

    =================== UPDATE AVAILABLE I’ve re-implemented this as a self-contained M4L device with more similar functionality to the original Faderboard, along with some additions like MIDI note co...
  • On Pair Programming

    When most people hear the phrase “pair programming” they probably imagine two programmers in front of one keyboard and monitor, taking turns typing alternate letters. It’s a silly picture that does...
  • Fractal Note Echo Fractal Note Echo

    This Max For Live device uses Javascript to implement a fractal MIDI note echo effect. This allows for easy creation of very complex patterns that, due to their nature in following a scaled patter...
  • Golden Gate Park with Marina and Naomi

    The girls and I skated for 5 miles in Golden Gate Park to check out the windmills, bison, bike track, and other cool sights in the mellow western side of San Francisco. We stopped for an awesome lu...
  • Manager Toolbox

    Here’s the tl;dr: Your job is to grow your team. Write down expectations of team members, broken down by level. Quantify your team’s capabilities. Remember good work and areas...
  • My Computer History My Computer History

    My earliest computer memory was with my dad in his office at The Gap in Kentucky in the early 1980s. He would sometimes need to go in to work on weekends, and for reasons I don’t remember, he would...
  • Room Pinhole Camera Room Pinhole Camera

    I noticed yesterday evening that my room had become a pinhole camera. The sun shining through the blinds was projecting an unmistakable circle on the opposite wall. I knew that this was an actual ...
  • The Best Ways To Run a Short Script in a Container The Best Ways To Run a Short Script in a Container

    Gone are the days of managing installed versions of interpreters (Ruby, Javascript/Node.js, Python, …), compilers, servers, databases, and caches on your local machine. A combination of free hyperv...
  • Pinhole Camera / Phone Camera Pinhole Camera / Phone Camera

    Since the 1600s, people have experimented with light-proof rooms, chambers, or boxes with a small hole in one side, known as a Camera Obscura. With the advent of photographic film or paper, this id...
  • Home Time Machine / NAS With a Raspberry Pi Home Time Machine / NAS With a Raspberry Pi

    The Problem I’ve got a few computers at home and a few random external hard drives that sometimes back up those computers. Since some are laptops, I need to remember to connect the external drive t...
  • Kimchi With Carrots Kimchi With Carrots

    I love kimchi! It’s sauerkraut’s Korean cousin and is useful in many dishes as a side. I’ll eat it with a sausage on a tortilla with mayo and mustard for lunch, or put on top of an aloo parata with...
  • Feedback FRACK for Ableton Live Feedback FRACK for Ableton Live

    Inspired by Hainbach’s video on Pinging, but lacking outboard hardware, I decided to explore creating a feedback device in Ableton Live. Normally, when you want to build a feedback loop in Live, y...
  • Actual Room Reverb Actual Room Reverb

    This was some of the most fun I’ve had with music making recently. After watching this video from the great producer, engineer, and mixer Sylvia Massy where she demonstrates re-amping a synth line...
  • What I Know About Mixing And Mastering Right Now

    I’ve just learned some things about mastering and I thought I’d write them down. During my last project, I took several recordings I think sound really good in the genre I’m working in (dub-ish te...
  • All The Ways Up Mission Peak All The Ways Up Mission Peak

    Anyone who knows me reasonably well knows I have a soft spot for Mission Peak. I grew up in Fremont, and begrudgingly hiked up the Peak with my family every so often, complaining the whole time. It...
  • Studio Shelf Studio Shelf

    Photos and instructions to make a useful tabletop shelf for your music studio.
  • On Availability

    If someone involved in Internet services is asked to name a metric in that domain, chances are you will hear the word “availability”. On its surface, availability is a simple measurement to underst...
  • Mike Fox Roller Skating Mike Fox Roller Skating

    M&N Roller skating
  • Monument Peak Descent Monument Peak Descent

    Time-lapse mode on GoPro Hero 9, vertical orientation.
  • Monument Peak Guy Wire Sound Monument Peak Guy Wire Sound

    Top o' the hill to ye. Recorded on GoPro Hero 9.
  • Portrait Contest Portrait Contest

    The girls and I had some fun today playing with different lighting angles with the flash, then we each had to edit a photo of each of us for a contest. Who won?
  • Virtuous Dev Team Metrics

    As the leader or member of a software development team, you may be encouraged, inspired, or even forced to track particular metrics of the team’s performance. This post seeks to identify those metr...
  • Trust + Verify vs. Review + Approve

  • Sunnyvale Skatepark Sunnyvale Skatepark

    The girls are great roller skaters!
  • Systems of Working - The Role of Leadership

    There are as many systems of working as there are development teams. One important dimension in evaluating a system of working is identifying the role of leadership in the team. Here are a few sys...
  • On Efficiency

    As a software development team, we should be relentness in our pursuit of efficiency. Not only in our algorithms, but more importantly in how our team gets work done. Efficiency Let’s first clarif...
  • On Dates

    There is a direct connection between distance to a commitment date and team morale. The further out a given commitment is made, the more toxic that commitment is to the organization. Your job as t...
  • Vision Soccer Sat AM Tournament

    Naomi's team played well and won 2-1.
  • How To Interview

    Interviewing is hard, on both sides. The skills of an interviewer are often overlooked in software development, and people are usually left on their own when it comes time to interview a potential ...
  • Palm Springs Getaway

    Bahar and I had a great little getaway to the Palm Springs area. We hiked around Mt San Jacinto and Joshua Tree.
  • Rainy Sanborn

    I got a chance to show Bahar that hiking in the rain can be just as good as hiking when it's sunny! :)
  • Kauai With Bahar

    What an awesome trip to the Garden Island. We rented an awesome house on an awesome beach and did awesome things all week!
  • MP w/ B

    A lovely evening hike with my lovely lady!
  • Barcelona With Bahar

    Life altering experience. What a place! What a beautiful place to grow even closer with my love.
  • Waiting For a Service to Actually Become Available in docker-compose

  • The Window Drum Dilemma

    Ever have a deep bass sound that's stunning in the studio, but falls flat on "regular" speakers? Perhaps this post can offer a solution to fix that.
  • Sound Making vs. Song Making

    For me, music-making has two phases -- sound-making and song-making. These are two very different disciplines. Sound-making is fun and spontaneous. Song-making can be those things too, but it also ...
  • Vancouver Landing Vancouver Landing

    Harbour Air
  • Vancouver Take-Off Vancouver Take-Off

    Harbour Air
  • Levi's Gran Fondo Panzer - Kruse Ranch Rd Levi's Gran Fondo Panzer - Kruse Ranch Rd

    Woohoo! Highlight of the ride.
  • Feet's Eye View Feet's Eye View

    Saratoga Gap Trail, Castle Rock State Park
  • Fremont Older Rattler Fremont Older Rattler

    Beto passed it first and was speechless. I was right behind him and jumped about four feet into the air and squeezed my water bottle and sprayed water everywhere.
  • AC Fair Moto Backflip Can-can AC Fair Moto Backflip Can-can

  • Huge Swing Huge Swing

    M&N were up there.
  • AC Fair Coaster AC Fair Coaster

    Stopped recording just as disaster struck. :)
  • Naomi and Cheryl on Fireball Naomi and Cheryl on Fireball

    Marina was so nervous for Naomi. :)
  • Las Trampas Switchbacks Las Trampas Switchbacks

    Taking it easy down this technical section.
  • Henry Cowell Sunrays Henry Cowell Sunrays

    From a run in said park. The light this day was majestic.
  • Rocks in my shoes Rocks in my shoes

    Taking advantage of a natural slide on the Lake Ranch Trail.
  • Marina Hugs All Around Marina Hugs All Around

    5th Grade Graduation
  • 2016 Ohlone 50K -- Caffeine and Blisters Edition 2016 Ohlone 50K -- Caffeine and Blisters Edition

  • Homemade Foaming Hand Wash Homemade Foaming Hand Wash

    I really like foaming hand soap. I love how it goes on, and how easy it is to wash off. I also love how it's really frugal -- one pump is really all you need to wash your hands. What I don't love a...
  • Marina Flies! Marina Flies!

    Marina got to also do some flying at Nika's birthday party today at iFly in Union City.
  • Naomi at iFly Naomi at iFly

    Naomi's last flight from Nika's birthday party today.
  • Naomi's Popsicle Stick Bridge Naomi's Popsicle Stick Bridge

    With the Original Mr Chris.
  • Marina's Trio Dance Marina's Trio Dance

  • Some Kind of Dinner Some Kind of Dinner

    A garlic-ginger-soy hash of paneer, beets, celery, green onion, and kale over rice.
  • Autechre @ Mezzanine in SF Autechre @ Mezzanine in SF

  • Last Minute Marathon Last Minute Marathon

  • Beet Hash with Beet Greens Beet Hash with Beet Greens

    Beets are a wonder food. Not only are they delicious, but the nutrition (especially in the form of nitrates) they deliver to your body can help you achieve improved athletic performance. I've never...
  • Dillon Falls Dillon Falls

    Amazing place to sit and rest and contemplate and appreciate. https://www.strava.com/activities/368217437
  • Haleakala Downhill Haleakala Downhill

    Short clip of our Maui Easy Riders ride.
  • Splashy John Splashy John

    Lava Adventure
  • Monkey Mamu Has A Hard Head Monkey Mamu Has A Hard Head

    Outside the Bamboo Forest
  • L-Wave L-Wave

    From our class field trip to YSI at Sanborn Park.
  • Sheep Herd at Pleasanton Ridge Sheep Herd at Pleasanton Ridge

    Running thru a couple hundred sheep today was a bit surreal.
  • The Bumpy Zone The Bumpy Zone

    We found another Fun Zone in the Ulistac Natural Area today.
  • Hoonin' in a Parking Lot Hoonin' in a Parking Lot

    Fun in the rain, filmed by Andy.
  • Run a Tapered Fork on a 1.5" Cannondale Run a Tapered Fork on a 1.5" Cannondale

  • On Building Your Security Team On Building Your Security Team

  • Mission Peak Dark Descent Mission Peak Dark Descent

    It's been a while since I did a night run on Mission Peak. With the great weather and full moon, today was a great day to pick that up again.
  • Mid-2010 iMac SSD Upgrade Mid-2010 iMac SSD Upgrade

    Upgrading from a regular hard drive to an SSD seemed complicated at first on this computer, but with the right tools and instructions it was easy.
  • Single User Admin on OS X Mountain Lion Single User Admin on OS X Mountain Lion

    It's easy to make a user an administrator on OS X using the GUI tools. But if you do not have access to an existing admin account, this is impossible. By booting into Single-User mode, you can ma...
  • Studding Shimano PD-A530 Pedals Studding Shimano PD-A530 Pedals

    The Shimano PD-A530 is a hybrid pedal -- clip-in on one side, and platform on the other. The platform side is not that great, so I decided to fix that with some studs from another set of pedals.
  • Marina and Naomi in the Fun Zone Marina and Naomi in the Fun Zone

    Near Shoreline Park
  • Birch Bay Crab Birch Bay Crab

    While walking out in the bay at low tide, the girls spotted a big crab and we followed it for a bit.
  • Bike Upgrade Confirmation Bike Upgrade Confirmation

    A report from a week with some awesome upgrades to my bike. I learned a lot about bikes, adjustments, and found some great resources in doing this project.
  • Two Days With a New Friend Two Days With a New Friend

    The story of a weekend spent in and out of the garage with a hummingbird.
  • Tri For Fun - Pleasanton 2013 Recap Tri For Fun - Pleasanton 2013 Recap

  • Ohlone 50K Recap Ohlone 50K Recap

    Last October I decided to run the Ohlone Wilderness Trail 50K. After 6 months of training covering 435 miles and climbing more than 80,000 feet, the race is now in the bag.
  • Bike to Work Day Run Bike to Work Day Run

    I chose to celebrate Bike to Work Day by going for a run this morning. My plan was to do the O50K climb up Mission Peak, but turn right at the top of the ridge and visit Mt. Allison before heading ...
  • Trail Running: What I've Learned So Far

    Since getting serious about running at the end of 2012 in preparation for the Ohlone Wilderness 50K, I've learned a few things about body maintenance, drinking, eating, and other things running-rel...
  • Ohlone Steep Training Ohlone Steep Training

    It's two weeks until O50K, and my training plan calls for shorter runs to taper to the event. Today I chose to start from Ohlone and run up and over Mission Peak then over to the bench at Mt. Alli...
  • Last Long Run Before O50K Last Long Run Before O50K

    I got a pretty early start today, getting out of bed at 5:30a to do the last long training run before the big race. Hit the trail at 6:45 with a plan to do the O50K course for 13-ish miles, then t...
  • Sunol Valley Half Pipe Sunol Valley Half Pipe

    24 miles today starting from Sunol Regional Park -- 12 east, then 12 west. 5600 feet climb, 6 hours.
  • Ed Levin to Sunol and Back Ed Levin to Sunol and Back

    For today's long run, I chose to go from Ed Levin County Park in Milpitas, up to Monument Peak, then north past Mt. Allison, behind Mission Peak, down to Sunol Regional Park, then turn around and r...
  • Sunol to Rose Peak Sunol to Rose Peak

    I set out today to tackle Rose Peak once again. I hiked it a couple years ago, but haven't done it since I've been running. It behooves me to practice it, since it's 1/3 of the Ohlone 50K. Strav...
  • Monument Peak Run Monument Peak Run

    Beautiful morning in the East Bay Hills. Clear skies, mid-50s, tons of turkeys, a protective mama cow, and one baby coyote (sorry, no video of that). 9.5 miles, 2750ft, 2h03m
  • All Systems are GO All Systems are GO

  • Quad Show Quad Show

    Ice and stim treatment for my knee.
  • 50K Training Plan 50K Training Plan

    I put this Google Spreadsheet together to plan out how the heck I'm going to build up to 31 miles distance.
  • Remote Speakers DIY Remote Speakers DIY

    This is a project I've wanted to do since we moved in. With just a few simple parts, I installed independent remote speakers into our dining room. Here's what it took...
  • Sister Golden Hair Sister Golden Hair

  • Back in the Saddle Back in the Saddle

  • Thunderhill 3-Day Weekend Thunderhill 3-Day Weekend

    Just got home from three days at Thunderhill Raceway with the GGC BMWWCCA. Friday was an Instructor Training School, and Saturday/Sunday was the standard High Performance Driver Education, where ...
  • 98 Mile Bike Week 98 Mile Bike Week

  • Mountain View to Home Mountain View to Home

    Took the train up to Stanford today to interview some promising college Grads. Then took the train to Mountain View and talked with Pablo about a new project, then left to ride home at 4:30.
  • Mission Peak MTB With Ptr Mission Peak MTB With Ptr

    Rode up Mission Peak with PeterE (@evilops) for the first time this morning. Crazy wind!
  • Rode Home Again Rode Home Again

    Second time riding home from work. It took 30 minutes less today, despite taking a bit longer route. This is mostly due to not taking wrong turns and having to backtrack ;-).
  • Why I Work at Groupon Why I Work at Groupon

    I started at Groupon more than two years ago now. I was excited about the company then, but I'm way more excited now. This may come as a surprise to someone who only follows the market or the Sil...
  • owl / math owl owl / math owl

  • Ed Levin to Mission Peak and Back Ed Levin to Mission Peak and Back

    I hit the trail at 8am today in Ed Levin County Park. It was a beautiful, cool, sunny morning ... mid-50s. It was an ideal day out there today -- warm sun and cool breeze. I covered 16 miles, 42...
  • Groupon to Home Ride Groupon to Home Ride

    I decided to ride my bike home from work today. Ended up taking about 2.5 hours, and covered 27 miles, most of it on the Bay Trail and Guadalupe River Trail.
  • Stanford Ave - MP - Calaveras Rd - MP - Stanford Ave Stanford Ave - MP - Calaveras Rd - MP - Stanford Ave

  • Up and Over Black Mountain Up and Over Black Mountain

    Had a nice hike/run today from Rhus Ridge, up and over Black Mountain and down the Indian Creek Trail a bit. Distance was 14 miles, 5000 feet total ascent, and took 2h50m.
  • Mission Peak MTB Mission Peak MTB

    Rode up Mission Peak today with Sean Kohler. I was expecting it to be harder than it was, but it was still a doozie. We did about 10 miles total, 2700 feet elevation gain. The first stretch up t...
  • Ohlone Sprint Ohlone Sprint

    Ohlone == 53:05 ==> MP == 33:48 ==> Ohlone. Starting to track my downhill times. A big old tarantula (6" legspan) crossed the path on the way up. First time I've seen one alive.
  • Kennedy Trail Sunride Kennedy Trail Sunride

    Sean convinced me that waking up at 5am on Saturday to go for a ride was a good idea. Had a great time again with him going up Kennedy Trail, this time at sunrise. We started out when it was bare...
  • Labor Day Bike Day Labor Day Bike Day

    We celebrated Labor today with some bicycle-oriented garage projects, and I went for a ride with Sean Kohler, after 12 years away from a mountain bike.
  • Dog Agility Contest Dog Agility Contest

    Our friends Deanna and Nathan and their dogs compete in dog agility contests. We drove down to Prunedale today to see them do their stuff. They're getting ready to go to nationals this year in De...
  • Sunol to Mission Peak Sunol to Mission Peak

    I took my new favorite shoes out this morning (New Balance MT1010) for a run/hike in Sunol today. This was the most enjoyable running time I've ever had. This could be the start of something new...
  • MP new PB - 53:29.  It's the shoes! MP new PB - 53:29. It's the shoes!

    Beautiful Friday night hike/run up Mission Peak from Stanford Ave in a new pair of New Balance MT1010s.
  • Rancho to Black Mountain Loop Rancho to Black Mountain Loop

    Difficult and long hike today -- 16.5 mile roundtrip from Rancho San Antonio up the PG&E Trail, Mine Trail, Black Mountain Trail, Summit, Black Mountain Trail, Chemise Trail, past Deer Hollow Farm ...
  • Coop Renovation Coop Renovation

    We changed the coop a bit today to give Twilight and Paisley (our new larger hens) more space to enter and exit, along with better rain protection.
  • Für Meine Sicherheit (and yours!) Für Meine Sicherheit (and yours!)

    HANS-compatible clip-in Quick Fit Pro. Now I just need a trackday...
  • Clear Day, and a new PB Clear Day, and a new PB

    I met up with Brendon at the Stanford Ave trailhead this morning. It was a beautiful, clear day. I managed a 56:00-ish time by working in some running up the hill. My goal is to be able to run t...
  • Venus Transit Venus Transit

    Venus cruised in front of the sun today. Here is a photo of it...
  • Dosa Graduation Dosa Graduation

  • New Shocks for Arti's Car New Shocks for Arti's Car

    I spent the bulk of yesterday replacing the shocks on Arti's car -- a 2007 328i wagon. We bought the car new, and it has about 90K miles on it now. Overall, it's been a great car and still looks ...
  • Rio Vista's Perpetual Storm Rio Vista's Perpetual Storm

    In the weather app I use on my phone, there is a map view with configurable overlays. One of the most useful is the Doppler Radar overlay, which usually shows precipitation level on a colorful sca...
  • DIY: iPhone Macro DIY: iPhone Macro

    It's easy to capture amazing close-up photos with your smartphone. All you need is a nerdy motivation and a little magnifier...
  • New Hike: Black Mountain New Hike: Black Mountain

    Today I decided to try something new, since I'm pretty sure I've gone up and down Mission Peak, Mt. Allison, and Monument Peak every possible way now. Looking at Google Earth and talking with Arti...
  • Laguna with PDC Laguna with PDC

    Beautiful day today at Laguna. Mid-50s, partly cloudy, snow-capped peaks in the distance, dry track. I decided before this event that I'd push the car a little harder than normal -- so there's a bi...
  • My Super Efficient Email Workflow

    Like most people, email is a big part of my workday, as well as personal life. Over the years I've worked out a very efficient way of going through the tons of email I receive, never missing an im...
  • Winter Bounty Winter Bounty

  • Angry Birds Angry Birds

  • S2D S2D

    Of the 30 Studebakers my Pop has bought, restored, and sold over the years, the black beauty known as "S2D" is still my favorite of all...
  • Solar System Solar System

    It was Marina's idea to do this project ... I just helped her with the order and told her what the planets looked like.
  • Thunderhill with Marek Thunderhill with Marek

    A few laps at a PDC day around Thunderhill with Marek. E36 M3 daily driver, Contour HD mounted to helmet.
  • Nerd Alert ... or Precious Moment??? Nerd Alert ... or Precious Moment???

  • Miniminimus Miniminimus

  • Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert!

  • Why I'm a Car Control Instructor

  • ISS Flyby

  • Shangri-La Toes

  • Clipper / Caltrain Frustrations

  • Protect Your Git Repo With a Test Hook

  • Alternative Single Table Inheritance for Rails

    Nearly as simple to implement as Rails built-in single table inheritance pattern, but infinitely flexible.
  • Naomi gives Ikea the Runaround Naomi gives Ikea the Runaround

    From our trip there to get her "big girl bed".
  • BMWCCA at Laguna Seca 2 BMWCCA at Laguna Seca 2

    Footage from the instructor session after lunch. More fun driving, with some fog at the top of the hill. Mr. Umeh makes an appearance in the last few laps :-)
  • BMWCCA at Laguna Seca BMWCCA at Laguna Seca

    Beautiful day at the track. Started out overcast, got sunny, then foggy, then sunny. Great students and a lot of track time too. Shot with a Flip Video Mino HD -- my new favorite in-car camera. ...
  • Twirly Bug Twirly Bug

    This legendary reddish-brown critter thrives in our vegetable garden. It's motionless until you give it a gentle squeeze, then it twirls one part this way and that. Is it for digging or for t...
  • Year of the Loser

  • Selectively Disable Session Cookies in Rails 2.3

  • Hike-Sliding Hike-Sliding

    During an off-trail-excursion I slipped on some tall grass. What came next may very well be the world's next great sport.
  • Google Apps Authentication for Internal Company Sites

  • Mucca Pazza at the Groupon Holiday Party Mucca Pazza at the Groupon Holiday Party

    At the Field Museum in Chicago. These guys were incredible ... the video does not do them justice! http://mucca-pazza.org/
  • Bumpy MDW Arrival Bumpy MDW Arrival

    Arrival at Chicago Midway on a B737
  • Finally, No Blisters!

  • Just Keep Goin' On Just Keep Goin' On

    At Happy Hollow!
  • Ed Levin and Beyond - or - The Importance of Good Foot Underwear

  • Marina Swing Jumpoff Marina Swing Jumpoff

    She waited all day to show me this. :-)
  • Marina Swims Across the Pool Marina Swims Across the Pool

    Thanks teacher Carol for showing her how to swim!
  • Mission Peak for Time

  • Ice Cream Shenanigans Ice Cream Shenanigans

    After dinner hi-jinx.
  • Marina big swing Marina big swing

    At Great America
  • Naomi's first roller coaster ride Naomi's first roller coaster ride

    At Great America
  • Peak Trifecta

  • Mission Peak

  • Is God a Democracy?

  • Tip Tips

  • 25 Hours of Thunderhill

  • Thanksgiving photos

  • Kite at Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge

  • Oh it's a Bear!

  • Satspotting

  • Transparent Access to a Serialized Column in ActiveRecord

  • Sluggy!

  • Naomi Toes

    Naomi likes to play with her toes.
  • Naomi Rolls

  • Free SCCA Test Day Excitement

  • Vegetarianism

  • The Bucket Analogy for Photo Exposures

  • One-Line Javascript Templates

  • Double Standard?

    With the election in just a few weeks, here are some interesting questions to consider...
  • Into the 4th Dimension

    We just released a new kind of photo viewer. It will search Flickr for whatever you're interested in, wherever you're interested in it and give you a fun way to flip through photos with an interac...
  • Infineon Mar 30 T10 Spin Infineon Mar 30 T10 Spin

    Don't Lift!
  • Homemade Rollbar Camera Mount

    A cheap, simple, and flexible way of mounting a video camera to a rollbar inside of a car. This works better for my bullet camera than the expensive IO Port mount.
  • Ruined

  • Apple TV as Remote Speakers

  • Autechre Dipity Timeline

  • OpenDNS on DD-WRT

  • Marina Painting Marina Painting

    Painting with new glitter paint!
  • Marina Dancing Marina Dancing

    Marina dances solo, then with the "yiddle wamb"
  • Marina Climbs Into Bed Marina Climbs Into Bed

    Marina has figured out how to get into her crib alone. She hasn't yet braved the exit...
  • Marina Sings Marina Sings

    Marina sings songs for us.
  • Dipity v2 Released on Facebook

    We have finally come out with our big release on Facebook's Application platform. This update allows for the creation of Dipity events and will hopefully kick off viral growth!
  • Eyes Extra Crossed Eyes Extra Crossed

    Ocular Dexterity
  • Todd Ski Surfing Todd Ski Surfing

    Being away from the waves for too long makes one long for waves...
  • Also Usable as a BABY VAPORIZER

  • Goodbye Pinger, Hello ____!

    Springtime brings all kinds of new things.
  • Goodbye Yahoo!, Hello Pinger!

  • Miata Blog Started

  • Clean Cut

  • Checkpoint Marina

    A few snapshots from a day in the life of 15 month old Marina.
  • 25 Days of Thunderhill

    I managed to hook up with the Car and Driver / BMW of North America team that raced in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race in two 335d Diesel race cars.
  • In-Car Camera 2.0

    The latest revision of my quest to get the best possible setup for putting a camera in/on the car.
  • Marina in the Dishwasher

    Marina offered to help her Nani do the dishes the other day...
  • Thunderhill with PDC

    Back from a great day at the track with a small group of junkies known as "PDC".
  • New FCABs and RTABs or The Search for Steering Feel

    We tell the story of one man's quest to make a BMW feel like a Porsche. It's a wild ride that is sure to keep every member of the family on their edge of their seats!
  • World Cup For Dummies

    A brief guide to the World Cup, 2006.
  • Infineon Coastal Driving Recap

    Another great day at the track. The mysteries of Sears are slowly unlocked...
  • Finally! Balanced Autocross Handling

    The M3 is now dialed in for good times on the autocross course. Read on to learn some things that will help your E46 M3 get around those cones!
  • Thunderhill NCRC Recap

    This could very well have been the ideal day at the track. Great company, great cars, great weather, and lots of learning was done.
  • Takes Two (Cores) To Tango

    Apple's new Intel-based Mac Minis are all they are cracked up to be, and then some...
  • New Unified RSS Feeds

    The RSS feeds for stories and pictures are now rolled into a single feed. It also includes videos, so your nobot.needs are covered.
  • Potty Time, Excellent

    Toilet train an infant? Unheard of in disposable American diaper culture, most babies around the world are potty trained by the time they are a year old. We decided we would get Marina on the tra...
  • Kanta's Palampur Paneer

    Arti's mom makes a delicious Paneer dish. It's made in a rich, creamy, spicy sauce with sauteed veggies. Simple to make, and really delicious. Give it a go and learn how to make real Indian food!
  • New Tricks

    A short summary of Marina's development in the past month or so. Potty training, rolling over, grabbing things, and interest in food are her new tricks.
  • The Story of Marina

    A recap of the events leading up to, and including the birth of our beautiful Marina.
  • Wowsers! Ground Control Coilover Kit Rules!

    If you are thinking that your E46 M3 doesn't quite have "the handles", read on. By using a good quality suspension system, the car can be transformed from "Capable GT Car" to "OMGWTFBBQ Handling M...
  • Kite Aerial Photography, Experiment I

  • VIM -- Frustrated With Perl Comments?

  • Say Hello to My Little Friend

  • Mac Daddy

  • Make Your Own Mattress

  • 36 Glorious Plies

  • End Table Finished

  • Ga-Lapa-Went-Us

  • Ga-Lapa-Go-Us

  • Nation's Poor Win Election for Nation's Rich

  • HDTV Experiment

  • Off-Earth / On-Moon

  • Work Work Work Work Work Work

  • Rambles On Art and Photography

  • Proud to be CRT Free

  • Why it's bad to be dumb with Koni adjutable shocks

  • Hello From Singapore

  • The Nobot is Headed to India

  • Independence Day Diary

  • TV Upgrade

  • Lightning Stories

  • New Coffee Table Nearing Completion

  • Miter 1000 SE is a Great Taper Jig

  • Thanks For A Great Party

  • TV Stand Finished!

  • Recurring Dream Locations

  • 48 Hour Film Contest

  • Saw the International Space Station

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