Miter 1000 SE is a Great Taper Jig

June 7, 2004

I was working on our coffee table replacement over the weekend and needed to taper some 3x3 legs I had laminated from 1x3.5 stock earlier in the day.

Previously I had used a home made jig I put together around six months ago. It was flimsy and inaccurate, but it was all I had.

On the way back from <a href=>Southern Lumber</a>, i had an idea... I could use the "Shop Stop" on my <a href=>Incra Miter 1000 SE</a> to hold a piece securely for a good taper. Since the miter gauge goes all the way to 95 degrees in each direction, I could do any sort of taper.

Check the photos above for how it looks in action.

The only limitation I can see is in the width of the piece it can cut, since it's limited to how far the gauge can adjust within the saw's miter slots.