What About?

I guess there are a couple angles on what kind of "About" you might be after. Check them out:

About This Site

This site is served from a Linux machine inside my house, through a PFSense Firewall, out the cable internet connection, through Cloudflare's CDN service, and onward to you.

The server software is built on Next.js and extended with Markdoc support. I've built a set of components that are relevant to the kind of content I post. The software source code is available to anyone to copy and modify.

About Me

Headshot I'm a lifelong nerd, starting at age 7 in 1981 sitting for hours in awe of LOGO (Turtle Graphics) on an Apple ][, soon graduating to BASIC on a Commodore VIC-20 and then C64, and onward through the PC and Mac eras.

I started working in technology starting at age 17. I was lucky enough to hit the crest of the Internet revolution in the mid-late 1990s, being at the right place at the right time. My first "real" job out of school was at Yahoo!, then on to cofound a data visualization startup, then in various growing and pivoting companies in nearly every role and technical area possible.

I have developed a particular interest in maximizing joy and productivity in technical teams through developing innovative and sensible team and work structures.

Outside of work, I enjoy making music, software for other electronic musicians, and have recently been exploring the space of Filesystem Apps - take and keep ownership of your data without compromising experience.

Have a look at my dad's website showcasing his history of creating, preserving, or resurrecting interesting vehicles of the past.

I plan on retiring soon (2024) and look forward to devoting focused energy on doing the best for myself, the people close to me, and my communities, absent the quest for a paycheck.

Let's chat!

[email protected]
Scotts Valley, California