Introducing Esstraba!🎉

October 5, 2023

Continuing on my apparent obsession with filesystem-based applications (musics, photodirs, etc...), I present Esstraba!🎉 your self-hosted Strava bulk download zip file viewer.

Esstraba!🎉 in action

Check out my Esstraba!🎉

Umm ok, and, so, um, why?

This is for the people that have some of their most treasured memories in Strava -- pre-dawn trail runs with friends, PRs, races you trained for months to prepare for. These are memories I want to keep forever and to revisit any time.


Strava may not be around forever, so I don't want to risk losing access to these important moments. Thankfully, Strava has built a bulk-export feature. This is fantastic! Thank you to whomever at Strava pushed that one through.

Enter Esstraba!🎉

Esstraba! is a Strava bulk download zip file viewer. Simply extract the downloaded .zip file to the data/ directory and run make prod. This will start two docker containers -- one that knows how to read the files in the data/ directory, and one to provide the web frontend.

It gives you lightning fast filter and sort capabilities, to comb through your entire corpus of activities instantly.

Filtering and Sorting

Tapping an activity row brings you to the activity page. On this page, you can interact with your route plotted on a 3-D topographic map. Relevant statistics are shown, the activity Description, an elevation chart, and any photos that are attached to the activity.

The 3-D map works on both desktop and mobile (hat tip to Mapbox).

Esstraba!🎉 in action

You can navigate between photos with arrow keys, and return to the list where you left off with the Esc key or back button.

Esstraba!🎉 Photos

Esstraba! on GitHub

Sooo, do you want your own Esstraba!🎉?

Or check out my Esstraba!🎉