New Max for Live Device: Modulation Lerp

April 11, 2023

Yesterday after work I was reading my personal email, and a very sincerely interesting email was waiting for me. My strategy of putting my email address everywhere has been paying off in the contacts I've been making, and today was no exception.

Good Ben Sulzinsky shared an idea of his for a modulation machine that I loved from the beginning. His idea could be accomplished a string of the stock Live LFOs, but the ergonomics of that solution were really lacking.

Ben's idea was to have explicit controls for lower and upper bounds (Input A or Input B -- neither has to be greater than the other) and a third control A <=> B for the linar position between A and B. So with A <=> B at 50%, then a value halfway between A and B would be returned. At 0%, then A would be returned. You guessed it -- 100% A <=> B means that B is returned.

Lerp close up

This gives you some neat shaping abilities if you manually control Input A and Input B but have an LFO modulating A <=> B for a vibrato that you can really control the shape of.

Or connect LFOs to all three inputs and get some neat effects that are halfway to FM for your modulation data.

It can be pretty hypnotizing...

You can download the device or read more about Modulation Lerp on its GitHub page.