MP new PB - 53:29. It's the shoes!

August 25, 2012

I ordered a pair of New Balance MT-1010 earlier this week from <a href="">Zombie Runner</a>, and they came in just in time today for a Friday night hike. The 1010 is a great evolution of the Minimus, particularly in terms of downhill grip.

Felt great from the beginning. I think I'm starting to get to know my warmup ramp and how to feel out the best pace.

Side note -- Saw a guy throwing up at the base of Cardiac Hill (Arti's name for that steep part near the top), then shook it off and ran the rest of the way up. Beast mode!

Still, I'm pleased with knocking 1:34 off of my prior best time. The bonus part is my feet and legs still feel great. It's all about the shoes!

<a href="" title="MT1010 at the top of Mission Peak by thenobot, on Flickr"><img src="" width="478" height="640" alt="MT1010 at the top of Mission Peak"></a>