December 18, 2004

I'm packing up now for our trip to the Galapagos.

We head out from SFO at 11am on Sunday 12/19 to Houston. A brief layover, then we head on to <a href=>Quito, Ecuador</a>. We land late at night, then go to the <a href=>Swissotel</a> in downtown Quito for a night of sleep. Monday morning, we get on a plane for the two hour, 600 mile, flight to the island of <a href=>Baltra</a> in the Galapagos.

We then get on a boat to go to the island of <a href=>Santa Cruz</a> where our hotel is located, the <a href=>Finch Bay Hotel</a>.

Should be a fun trip -- <a href=>Pardis and Nick</a> are traveling with us. We didn't manage to book the same hotels, but we will be very close to one another.

We have a few trips planned -- there's a <a href=>National Park</a>, scuba diving, snorkeling, bicycling (there are no cars allowed on the island), and hiking. I've got all my photo gear packed up, and I'm really looking forward to having TONS of time to putz around with the camera.

So wish us luck -- I really don't know exactly what to expect, but I'm pretty sure it will be fun and relaxing.

Back on the 27th...

Merry Christmas!<br> -nobot

(ps ... I'm going to disable publishing to the nobot until we get back. In the unlikely event that there is internet access on the island, I may send in updates.)