Checkpoint Marina

December 28, 2006

Arti went to do some shopping for the new house just after Marina fell asleep for her morning nap. I took the opportunity to do a few small things to the Miata race-car-in-progress. After an hour, I came back inside because I knew she'd be waking up soon.

A bit later, I heard her stirring. She normally will stand up in her crib, hands on the railing, and bounce up and down chanting "maMA maMA maMA maMA" or "daDA daDA daDA daDA" (which is naturally my favorite).

"daDA! daDA! daDA!"

I walked into her room to see her standing up with a huge smile on her face. And her hair was simply tremendous! I laughed out loud as I ran to get my camera/phone from the dining room table. I had to get this picture...

<center> <img src='/blog_images/20061228-marina_nappy.jpg'> </center>

I had never seen messier hair, and I hope I never do!

We sat down for some lunch a short time later. She was on fire today! Here's a little video from my phone of her improvising a little tune...

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And one last picture of her enjoying some potty time. This picture doesn't show it, but today is the first time she seeked out the potty and went pee-pee on her own. It's a red letter day around here!

<center> <img src='/blog_images/20061228-marina_happy.jpg'> </center>