Current Status Music Space

May 31, 2024

Music Desk

The place where I make music and do other creative things is constantly evolving. There are so many ways that a workspace can be set up, and that setup affects what happens in that workspace.

Highlights of the current setup:

  • IKEA GALANT frame/legs on risers (standing height)
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Amazon whatever top attached to the frame
  • Tall office chair with arms and back removed so it's more of a stool. Sit/stand but desk stays same.
  • Stacked dual 34" 4k60 monitors
    • Ableton dual windows
    • Top is arrangement only
    • Bottom is mixer, clips, chains, VSTs
  • Push 2 above audio interface
  • Elgato Stream Deck
    • Macros and dedicated buttons for Ableton Live, e.g.
      • Consolidate and loop
      • New tracks
      • Show plugins / chains / clips
      • Zoom lane vertically
      • Zoom to height+width
      • Stop
      • Record
  • iPad running Knobbler3, my free, open-source, auto-labeling Live parameter control surface
    • Lets you map any parameter in the set to a slider on the iPad with a single touch
    • Use this as a performance device with multitouch and multiple pages of sliders.
    • Values, colors, track name, device name, parameter name are updated on the iPad to match the Live Set
    • It's Free!
  • Custom made from recycled IKEA furniture boards / planks (usually particle board with melamine coating in metric sizes!):
    • MacBook sits vertically in a wooden pocket on the side of the desk with ports exposed. Protip: Put some foam in the bottom of the pocket to cushion your MBP's landing. Computer Pocket
    • Wooden cable shelf underneath the rear of the desktop Cable Shelf Cable Shelf I'm sure it will be different next week!