JPL Care Package From 1983

June 27, 2024

I was going through a box of old things recently and came across this envelope.

As a kid, I was fascinated with space. The Space Shuttle's first launch happened when I was seven years old, so this was absolute prime time for space exploration to be at the forefront of my interests and imagination. I'm not sure what led to the envelope showing up at the house, but I suspect it was one of my parents who wrote to JPL asking for some cool stuff for their nerdy kid.

Inside the envelope was an amazing collection of color 8x10 photos from JPL's Voyager missions and a couple of booklets.

Voyager 2 with Uranus

Io from Voyager 1

Saturn and its Moons

Great Red Spot

Jupiter's moon Enceladus

Saturn's Rings

Saturn's Northern Hemisphere

Jupiter and Moons Collage

There were two pamphlets in there too. Click the thumbnail to view a PDF of the pamphlet.

JPL Closeup

NASA Facts

It's fun to relive the magic of when we were accomplishing and discovering so much.