Recurring Dream Locations

May 28, 2004

This AM I had yet another dream that took place in the building I used to work in when I worked for the travel agency in Newport Beach in 1993-1996.

I worked on the 8th floor in this 9 story building.

A recurring theme in my dreams is to be sneaking around this 9th floor, as if it is some top-secret executive meeting place or something.

This morning the dream began on the roof of the building, there were lots of people there. I disappeared down a staircase, and ended up in the foyer area of this elusive 9th floor.

This time, Apple had taken up shop in the top spot. Their door was this huge stuffed leather door with a 3ft tall illuminated white apple logo in the center.

I tried to push it open, but just as my hand touched, I noticed a security guard on the opposite side of the area.

I nonchalantly made my way to the elevator, which dropped like a rock to the ground floor. I was dressed in a suit coat, tie loosely hung around my neck, tee shirt, and shorts. I was sincerely hoping that nobody from the top-secret Apple exec team was waiting to get into their special elevator at the first floor.

Then I woke up.

I've had many dreams in this location, always going to the secret 9th floor, always narrowly escaping trouble.

Other common locations:

  • beach town</li>
  • green hills</li>
  • the danky concrete toilet megaplex (tmi)
  • hmmm ... i know there are others