98 Mile Bike Week

November 3, 2012

Almost cracked 100 miles on the bike this week.

On Sunday, Arti and I went for a 24 mile ride with the Kohlers through Saratoga, through the hills around Quicksilver, then back to their house. Good times, and the ladies showed us up with their hill climbing powers. Obviously it was because of their road bikes, with Sean and I battling friction on our mountain bikes... ;-)

Monday and Tuesday I did the usual train commute (6 miles).

Wednesday I rode home from work (3 miles in the AM, 28 in the PM, 2 hours).

Thursday I drove to work (bzzzzzzzt, zero).

Friday I rode home from work again (3 miles in the AM, 28 in the PM). The highlight of that ride was passing a guy on a giant unicycle on one of the trails. His wheel was probably 4 feet in diameter! I made it home in 1:40 which made me happy!

That makes 98 miles for the week. Looks like I need to find a 2 mile ride to do today to make it a century week. Maybe one day I can do a century day like my big sister and pops...