The Nobot is Headed to India

July 31, 2004

Well, today's the day we pack up our stuff for a three week trip to India. We're leaving from SFO late tonight, flying 15 hours to Hong Kong, a short layover, then a few hours to Singapore. 12 hours in Singapore (with a pint sized hotel room), then another 4 hour flight to Bangalore.

You can see our itinerary <a href=,abb1bb/srt,0/edsarkiss/?v=2&t=1091347200>here</a>.

We're covering basically the length of the country during our stay -- starting in the coastal areas of the south, meeting up with my parents in Mumbai, heading to Delhi to meet up with Arti's parents, then travelling north to <a href=>Himachal Pradesh</a> to visit family.

I'm going to disable publishing to the nobot for now, since I like to keep tabs on things, and I won't be able to while on the road.

So enjoy your August everyone. I hope to have lots of photos and stories to share when we return.