Hello From Singapore

August 1, 2004

Greetings from the Singapore International Airport.

Totally doesn't seem like we've been travelling for 19 hours (13 hours SFO to Hong Kong, 2.5 hour layover, 3.5 hours Hong Kong to Singapore). Our flight left San Francisco at 1:30AM, so it was lights out nearly all the way. It stayed dark outside for 95% of the trip, so much sleep was had by all.

We landed in Hong Kong at 5:30AM local time, just as the day was breaking. I was amazed at what it looked like there -- tall lush green hills rising from the South China Sea. A quick breeze thru the "Transit" station, and we got some breakfast at a very nice cafe in the airport. Hong Kong is a very modern airport, and had a ton of luxurious shopping. It was like South Coast Plaza, but without the May Company.

A couple hours, and we were back on the same plane in our same seats for the journey to Singapore. I happened to look out the window as we passed over Pnom Penh.

A word about the plane -- we flew Singapore Airlines. WOW. Lovely service, great seats (not too cramped), and excellent in-flight entertainment -- there were 60 movies on demand, a hundred albums, and all the Nintendo video games you could play. Yeah, i was playing Super Mario Brothers most of the way.

So here we are in Singapore. We have an 8 hour layover, so we've booked a room in the "Transit Hotel". You can book rooms in hourly blocks (yeah, seems sleazy). So we went for a swim when we first arrived, then took showers and cleaned up. A fresh change of clothes, then we went off for some lunch/dinner.

There are free internet terminals all over the airport here -- a nice suprise.

Three hours until our flight to Bangalore, so we'll maybe catch a nap or just walk around this huge place.

Until next time.....