Work Work Work Work Work Work

October 11, 2004

Over the course of the last nine days, we have doubled the amount of artwork we have in our display cache at home. Not only have we been blessed with a lovely three-years-late wedding gift from my lovely mom, but there has been much photography going on here, as well as it being the time for Open Studios in San Francisco, where folks like us can get neat stuff on the cheap!

Here are the stories....

  1. Mom painted us a vibrant colorful swimming pool in the AM scene. I don't think she named it, so in that case, I hereby decree that it is "Swimming Pool in the AM". Hopefully she has thought of something more clever! <i>[update 20041012 -- the official name is "Swimming in the Sunrise". Mom's name is definitely better!]</i> It is the one up on the purple wall -- the only wall in the house that did not cower in fear from her use of the brightest colors available to Mankind. We really love it Ma!

  2. Last weekend, we stopped by one "T. Ito"'s studio space. His work in the Open Studios catalog was compelling, hence the visit. Little did I know that this was Trevor Ito -- we went to high school together, were in the same photo class, and he was good buds with Em and Mark and went to their wedding. Small world, great work.

  3. Arti fell in love with these aspens silkscreened onto 8x8 inch wood boxes painted different colors. I like them too!

  4. As I mentioned before, I've been inspired to take a new direction in photos. This inspiration came from some work we saw in SF Open Studios. The possibilities are never-ending. Lots of photography happening around here these days. I'll have some cool stuff to show off here in the next week or so.

  5. This past weekend was a rollercoaster of Open Studios. The beginning was awesome -- our first stop was to Kitty Wehrmeister's house. She works in monoprint (Paint is applied to an un-etched plate, paper laid on top, then passed through a press. Repeat as many times with as many colors as necessary.) Her work was fabulous -- and at $25-$35 per print, this really blew out the Value Ratio scale. We got two of her prints. They are now awaiting frames.

[btw, after Kitty's place, we spent WAAAAAAY too long at this bizarre "I doodle in sharpies on 3x5 cards and sell my work for $500 and by the way have you looked at this rainbow doodle in 3D glasses and by the way this only cost me $0.05 to produce so I'm making over $60 per hour with my art and by the way this is the cosmic hearth where the space between you and I comes from and by the way look at the little metallic stars in this one and by the way there are only $0.01 worth of glitter in this one so I could maintain my profit margin and by the way....." AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!]

  1. Saturday's Open Studios viewing extravaganza ended at <a href=>Base Gallery</a> -- BJ's badass gallery/studio space where I spent many nights DJing gallery openings and learning how to draw people in their drop-in figure drawing class. We saw Catherine St. Clair there (she used to help us out in the figure drawing) and her cool work. We really liked this one painting she had done 5 years ago, so we got it. Had a great talk with her New Husband Beau about photography. Too bad BJ wasn't there!

So that's it! We have had great fun re-arranging (and seeing again) the stuff we had up before consuming this cornucopia of art. That reminds me: Move the stuff on your walls around at least every 6 months. It's amazing how we no longer see what is hanging up when they've been there for so long.