On Video

October 19, 2023


The origin was colorless and still.

Old Photo

Then we added movement.

Horse Galloping Animation

Next was color.


The movement became smoother.

Color TV

The resolution achieved par with human vision.

High-Def TV

VR Present and Near Future

VR takes over.

VR Headset

Every recording device records stereoscopic. All entertainment is VR.


Omnipotent Virtual Experiences and Industry

Breakthroughs in optics, sensors, ambisonic microphones, computing power, and vast amounts of media and metadata collected on every individual allows for a complete virtual representation of any space -- with audio-visual data enriched with detail provided by AI models. Crowd-sized optics need not be perfect when you have fed millions of 3d video selfies to train AIs whose job is to generate and place a virtual person into a virtual scene with impeccable reality.

Select any position in space to watch a sporting event. Be the ball. Tour the world's wonders, live, on a whim.

A whole profession of virtual director emerges, a person who crafts the sequences of shots that are broadcast to viewers, a testament to humans' unending ability to celebrate talent.

Choose your event, choose your director, or be the director. Experience any event from anywhere in this virtual space. Movies continue their trend toward exponentially more expensive as the sound stage grows to encompass the movie's whole world.

Stay for a while and enjoy a drink in the Mos Eisley Cantina and see what goes down...