Mountain View to Home

October 19, 2012

Took the train up to Stanford today to interview some promising college Grads. Then took the train to Mountain View and talked with Pablo about a new project, then left to ride home at 4:30.

I'm lucky to live and work near such a great network of trails. Of the 22 miles covered, I was on the road with cars for maybe 2. From downtown Mountain View, it's maybe 1/2 mile down Evelyn to the Stevens Creek Trail. Cross Central Expwy on the ped bridge, continue north to the bay, turn East at the Bay Trail, then turn south at the Guadalupe River Trail.

Saw this crazy contraption in the bog near Moffet: <a href="" title="AquaMog! by thenobot, on Flickr"><img src="" width="640" height="478" alt="SwampMog!"></a> Learn more about it at <a href=""></a>.

There was a serious headwind the whole way. I was working hard to maintain 10mph. Normally I'll cruise at 14 on the gravel and asphalt trails with a nice tailwind. It was dry and hot, so the 22 miles felt more like 30 ;-) It took a bit more than 2 hours.