Sunol Valley Half Pipe

April 6, 2013

My training plan called for 24 miles today, so I planned a route centered at Sunol Regional Park -- I'd go 6 miles east, then back, refuel, and 6 miles west and back.

This ended up being a surprisingly challenging day. Not sure if it was the late 1pm start (after a 7:30a soccer game, mow the lawn, eat lunch), or "just one of those days" but I seriously considered calling it quits at mile 12, 15, and 17. When I decided to press on at mile 17.0, I said to myself "self, just run for a while then check your GPS app for your progress." So I ran for what seemed like a whole mile, then checked the GPS -- Mile 17.2. ARGH! Anyhow, I'm starting to understand the meaning of the store name Zombie Runner now. Just put it all aside and move your feet, buddy.

I ended up going the distance. 5600 feet climb, 6 hours of moving. There were lots of wildflowers blooming which made it nice!