50K Training Plan

January 11, 2013

I put this Google Spreadsheet together to plan out how the heck I'm going to build up to 31 miles distance. My prior biggest run was 18 miles, and have never done any mid-week work. This week I started running an hour each morning three days a week and plan on continuing that to build a solid base.

Getting sweaty in the morning has been awesome so far. My outlook through the day is definitely more positive, and I have more energy in the evenings when I get home. The only downside is that I'm sweating until the early afternoon. But it's a good sweat!

I plan on doing the week's big run on Sundays, and hope to build to 26 miles, alternating back to 16 mile distance once I pass that mark. I can't carry enough water to do a full 26 miles, so I'll likely do it in back-to-back 13 mile distances, replenishing my water and food from the car in between.

I've signed up for a half marathon race for February to get some experience with what to do in a race situation so that the 50K isn't the very first race.

So that's about it. Here's to the next 18 weeks!

The Spreadsheet