Off-Earth / On-Moon

October 19, 2004

Had to write this down -- it was the first dream I had that took place off Earth...

Went into a metal contraption thru a door, sat down, got up, and opened the door and was "on the Moon".
It was daytime on the Moon.

There were 4-6ft bundles of blue/red paper/cardboard stacked three high by a hundred wide 50 yards away in the distance. Thought to myself that it's as good of a place as any if you want to keep something like that around. Maybe there is some kind of recycling facility here. Lots of trash and stuff strewn about too.

My intention here was to build a music broadcaster. There were other broadcaster machines here among the junk. I knew there weren't any other people here. It was kind of neat to be the only person here, but to see the evidence that I was definitely not the first person here. That made it feel more comfortable I think.

Walked down the steps from the metal door, and thought for a second that I wouldn't be able to breathe, since I was on the Moon and all. I inhaled, the air was a bit thick and odorous (like Egypt was), but there was air was there. I assumed that the folks who had come before me had set up some kind of atmosphere generator or some sort of bubble to keep in the air. This place was a lot like the desert on earth, but I was indeed "on the Moon".

Anyhow, I carried on with my mission...

There was a turntable waiting for me at the bottom of the steps, record spinning. I placed the needle onto the vinyl, and a lovely dance song I'd never heard before played from the speakers nearby. It rocked. Mission accomplished. There would now be my music broadcast from the Moon.

Time to go back.

I went back up the steps, thru the door into the metal room, and sat down on a small couch. I immediately got up, opened the metal door, and went out into what I guess was my house back on Earth.

I looked out the window into the night sky, and saw the moon big and yellow; half of it showing above the horizon. I walked out onto the deck and pointed the antenna out there at the Moon as rose completely above the mountains in the distance. Sure enough, the music I had started playing on the Moon played on the stereo inside the house. I thought to myself, "now anyone on Earth can listen to this as long as they can see the moon".