What Comes Next?

February 6, 2022

I have 25+ years of experience in the Internet applications space, with that time split between IC and management positions - but always hands-on as an engineer. I have worked in all layers of the stack in many very different roles in many different languages, frameworks, problem domains, and organizational structures.

The moments that I am most proud of are when my work results in a multiplicative improvement for my team / org / company / product / systems. I love to blend creativity and engineering discipline, bringing new ideas or connecting people and systems in new ways to unlock new possibilities.

My dream job would allow me to use everything I have learned over the years to develop new worlds of success and efficiency in a product or organization.


  • Staff / Principal level individual contributor software engineer / architect
  • Clear connection to company or organizational success
  • Top-to-bottom responsibility in a given problem space
  • Mentorship expected and encouraged
  • Hands-on solutioning or writing code >= 50% of the time
  • Involved in team/org strategy and standards
  • Involved in hiring and refining hiring process

Team Attributes

  • A+ Teammates
    • Engaged - interested in team strategy and bringing ideas for improvement
    • Diverse - demographics, roles, skills, backgrounds
    • Growth Mindset
  • Empowered - org/company support for optimizing for innovation
  • Clear mission and fit in org/company strategy

Company / Org Attributes

  • SaaS or Paid Product (i.e. not ad-revenue supported)
  • Proven growth path
  • Exceptional product standards
  • Customer focus throughout
  • Comp package and benefits competitive with top-tier companies
  • Demonstrated attention to employee growth and wellbeing
  • High-responsibility environment (i.e. coordinated autonomy + low process overhead)
  • 100% remote or <= 15 minutes drive from Scotts Valley, CA

I'd appreciate feedback from people that I've worked with/for -- am I aiming too high? too low? anything to add? to remove? want to just chat? :) [email protected].

Maybe you'd like to see my resume?