San Jose, California


I have been building apps for the web since 1994, and at scale since 1999. My interest and experience through the years has been very broad – frontend, backend, data infrastructure, networking, security, devops, visual design, usability, infrastructure, people management, hiring, and work flow optimization. I am [not currently] seeking a position where I can work with an A+ team and apply all of these skills to help a promising company succeed.

Skill Summary

Programming Languages
C, C++, Java, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby

Operating Systems
Linux, Mac OS X

Customer-Focus, Performance, Scalability, Usability, Fault-Tolerance, Security, Real-Time Data, Efficient Software Factory, Building Capable, Happy, and Productive Teams

Alphabet Soup


Jul 2017 - Present


Principal Engineer / Sr. Engineering Manager – Splunk Value Platform

  • Hired to build the Splunk Value Platform (SVP) – a suite of applications used primarily by Splunk sales staff and channel partners that have improved customer acquisition and expansion success rate by 70%+.
  • Key player in shaping the organization’s strategy and tactics around management, agile practices, hiring, product/operational analytics, infrastructure, and automation.
  • Hired and mentored engineering and design staff, which have grown to be a highly regarded and decorated team within Splunk.
  • Architected and built a flexible, simple, maintainable application platform using React/Redux, Bootstrap, Sails.js, Node.js, Postgres, Redis, AWS ECS, and Docker.
  • Developed super efficient software development workflow and toolkit, leaning heavily into Docker.
  • Novel work to build an efficient pipeline for generating customized downloadable PowerPoint and Excel files from a Node.js backend with minimal codewriting.
  • Developed an automated, scalable, extensible CI/CD pipeline.
  • Created application monitoring dashboards and alerts using Splunk integrated with VictorOps and Slack.

Jan 2015 - Jul 2017

Hoopla Software

Software Engineer – Digital Signage and Metrics Platform

  • Designed secure, flexible network architecture in Amazon EC2 / VPC.
  • Co-created devops infrastructure using Ansible, Amazon EC2, Docker, bind, rsyslogd, Splunk.
  • Co-created automated continuous build/test/deploy system using GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible.
  • Responsible for design and development of microservices HTTP request routing infrastructure.
  • Drove usage of Splunk for reporting and alerting.
  • Engineered many back-end services and service features using Ruby on Rails, MySQL, RabbitMQ.
  • Primary engineer responsible for AngularJS-based web frontend, Backbone.js TV app, Amazon FireStick app, and Rails-powered marketing content management system.
  • Creator of the #wflt (What’s for lunch today?) Slack channel and the Cheerleader Zack emoji.

Jul 2014 - Jan 2015


Software Engineer – Real Time, Huge Scale Data Stream Processing

  • Significant contributor to DataTorrent’s visual stream processing editor, dtAssemble. This tool allows teams to build and deploy real-time data processing flows without writing code. Technologies used: AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, JSPlumb.
  • Assisted in enhancements to the product’s Java-based web API server.
  • Contributed to DataTorrent’s ‘Malhar’ open-source library of stream processing operators.

Sep 2010 - Jul 2014


Expert Engineer / Director of Engineering

  • Managed, mentored, and enabled a platform infrastructure engineering team responsible for ops automation, application frameworks, data infrastructure software, and real-time metrics.
  • Developed management system and network architecture in EC2 scaled to hundreds of users, thousands of nodes, and petabytes of storage.
  • Identified and implemented significant front- and back-end performance improvements to the site, e.g. static asset fingerprinting/caching, CDN integration, Ruby garbage collection tuning, etc.
  • Conceived and implemented a secure, employee-friendly single-sign-on system used to protect over 500 internal company tools.
  • Implemented a real-time metrics collection, transport, visualization and alerting system using a mix of open source technology and homegrown software that handles 1 million datapoints per minute.
  • Built special-purpose systems designed to withstand traffic generated by three Super Bowl ads.
  • Designed and built Groupon’s production operations infrastructure, configuration management, and tooling. This system scaled to over 1,500 engineers and 10,000 servers.
  • Responsible for education, evangelization, and development of security best practices. Implemented a grassroots security program to build a strong security culture within the engineering org.
  • Designed and built an abuse detection and prevention system.
  • Heavily involved in transition from PaaS provider to a dedicated datacenter.
  • Core member of the planning team for Groupon’s hack-week program (“GEEKon”) involving 1,500 developers in 10 dev centers worldwide.
  • Member of Groupon’s “Bar Raiser” program. Deeply involved in recruiting and interviewing across the engineering org and beyond, averaging over 100 interviews per year.
  • Spoke at various internal and external conferences, presenting on the topics of performance, monitoring, security, and devops.
  • Participated in most aspects of obtaining and maintaining PCI Level 1 certification – system design, engineering, documentation, evidence gathering, working with auditors, security design, international roll-out. Published a description of Groupon’s PCI solution on the company public engineering blog.

Mar 2009 - Sep 2010


Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Symantec Health – A cloud storage system for medical images and social sharing solution for doctors

  • Involved in choosing datacenters, selecting hardware solutions, and installing hardware in datacenters.
  • Designed and implemented virtual server solution using VMWare ESX, VirtualCenter, and CentOS.
  • Implemented monitoring and product analytics solution.
  • Co-architected and implemented a scalable (hundreds of TB) yet inexpensive storage infrastructure.
  • Co-architected and implemented inter-datacenter file and database replication.
  • Co-designed and implemented customer-facing analytics site.
  • Assisted with design and implementation of frontend and social features.
  • Implemented novel image manipulation technology in Abobe Flash to map 16 bit monochrome images to 8 bit RGB computer displays in ways familiar to radiologists.
  • Responsible for application security design and ongoing security testing.

Mar 2007 - Feb 2009


Co-Founder and CTO

  • Assembled an awesome team to build a web application to automatically ingest and visualize data, primarily orgainzed by time.
  • Assisted in building a flexible, high performance, scalable application platform. at its peak was the most popular online timeline tool, with 2 million monthly unique visitors and serving millions of pages per month.
  • Orchestrated a move from colocated servers to Amazon EC2 to save money and increase reliability.
  • Responsible for all aspects of building the product – from brainstorming to requirements definition to delegation to architecture to execution.
  • Technologically covered the gamut – Machine setup, monitoring infrastructure, database administration, back-end architecture, security, Javascript/AJAX, product concepts, mockups, and graphics.
  • Developed single-sign-on and content moderation systems to meet customer requirements.
  • Assisted in fundraising activities.
  • Shipped personal timelines four years before Facebook did. ;-)

Mar 1999 - Dec 2006


Apr 2005 - Dec 2006

Core Security Team (Yahoo! Paranoids)

  • Served as an internal security advisor – specializing in issues dealing with modern client-side web technologies (AJAX, Javascript, DHTML, Flash, Web Services).
  • Developed several core libraries to assist developers in creating rich Internet applications in a secure manner.
  • Involved in developing company security policy, working with executive, legal, business, and engineering teams.
  • Developed and delivered coursework to train engineers and others in the company in security issues and best practices.
Apr 2003 - Apr 2005

Monitoring Infrastructure Team

  • Assisted in the design and deployment of a distributed, scalable performance monitoring and data collection system used throughout the company. This system, built using C, C++, Perl, and PHP components, collects millions of performance samples daily.
  • Worked with many other engineering groups throughout the company to design data interfaces and configuration.
  • Designed and built web-based visual data analysis tools for engineers, production staff, management, and executives.
  • Designed and built an AJAX-based self-serve configuration tool.
  • Eventually took over management and technical lead responsibilities of the team.
Mar 1999 - Apr 2003

My Yahoo! Development Team

  • Lead Engineer and Manager for the engineering team that built the next-generation web portal product used by millions of broadband users. Worked closely with product managers and visual designers from brainstorming sessions through development and QA to weekly product maintenance meetings.
  • Conceived, documented, and implemented a presentation layer separated from the product’s core code without a significant degredation in performance (PHP-under-C). Worked with the inventor of PHP to make this possible. Improved engineering efficiency dramatically.
  • Conceived and implemented UI changes that doubled (measured by clicks) user awareness of customization in the My Yahoo! product.
  • Built a C++/XML architecture to centralize security functions, user authentication, and other functions common to the My Yahoo! configuration interface. This architecture was adopted by several different groups in the company and handles nearly 1,000 unique URLs.


Graduated 1998

Cal Poly, SLO

Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with emphasis in Information Systems / Computer Science.

  • Recipient of the 1998 Peoplesoft (Oracle) Information Systems Award – Awarded to the Cal Poly MIS student who best demonstrates interest and ability in the Information Systems field.

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