• 2016 January 10

    Hike with Two Ohlone Princesses

    We set out to climb Mission Peak today around lunchtime, but the lure of things off the trail was too strong. We fed a horse, looked at an old Ohlone Indian grinding stone, and made some cow friends. This was the right way to spend the morning!... (7 photos)
  • 2016 January 03


    The girls and I have been talking for a long time about a trip to Chinatown. Everything aligned for a trip there today! We took BART into the city from Fremont, then it was a quick walk to the Hyatt Regency to check out that awesome hotel, and its views a... (18 photos)
  • 2015 December 22

    SJ Walkabout

    Have camera, will travel around San Jose at night.... (9 photos)
  • 2015 December 19

    Marina's Trio Dance

  • 2015 December 15

    Some Kind of Dinner

    A garlic-ginger-soy hash of paneer, beets, celery, green onion, and kale over rice.
  • 2015 November 23

    Visiting the Waechtlers in Los Osos

    The girls and I drove down to Los Osos to have some sister/brother/cousin time. Em, Mark, Ruby, and Ginger certainly know how to have a great time and generously shared that with us.... (30 photos)
  • 2015 October 17

    Autechre @ Mezzanine in SF

    While mindlessly surfing the internet I stumbled across Autechre's website and saw they were planning a North American tour. The San Francisco date was coming right up on October 16, 2015. Well heck yes I was going to go! Anyone who has listened to music w...
  • 2015 October 11

    Last Minute Marathon

    I've run the Skyline to the Sea (SttS) 50K race for the last two years (2013 and 2014). This year I decided I'd skip it. The Ohlone 50K was moved to three weeks before Stts, and I had plans to do the Levi's Gran Fondo bike ride one week prior. But then I ...
  • 2015 October 04

    Pumpkin Patch and Lake Ranch Reservoir

    This afternoon, the girls and I went to the pumpkin patch down the street. They had lots of unique pumpkins (orange, warty, white, grey, gourds), a petting zoon, a cow tractor ride, hampster balls, and they show movies every evening. Awesome! We will be ba... (20 photos)
  • 2015 September 27

    Super Full Blood Moon Run

    I ran up Mt. Allison with the DSLR in tow. The clouds foiled my moonrise plans, but there was plenty more to enjoy up there.... (8 photos)
  • 2015 September 23

    Village Camping Trip

    ... (13 photos)
  • 2015 September 20

    Ohlone 50K: Hot Mess Edition

    Today was my third time running the Ohlone Wilderness 50K. It was rescheduled from its usual May start to Mid-September. Normally this would mean a cooler race, but today (and today only!) was crazy hot. Today it reached 102F in Livermore. A fellow racer h... (13 photos)
  • 2015 September 18

    Marina's 10th Birthday at Glow

    Marina and her 12 closest friends met up at Glow Candle Lounge for some flickering fun. They made candles, ate pizza, then had ice cream cake. Fun times!... (24 photos)
  • 2015 September 16

    Sanborn Park Field Trip

    I drove Marina and two of her friends to Sanborn Park today to join their class on a field trip led by their teacher Sherry. She has spent decades as a Walden West counselor/leader and has hiked these trails more than anyone I know. We had a wonderful morn... (17 photos)
  • 2015 September 13

    Stevens Creek Explorers

    Marina really wanted to do some stream walking this morning. A quick check of the map led us to Stevens Creek County Park and the perfect setting for today.... (9 photos)
  • 2015 September 05

    Alviso Photowalk

    The camera and I up and went to Alviso to take some pictures this evening.... (7 photos)
  • 2015 September 01

    Beet Hash with Beet Greens

    Beets are a wonder food. Not only are they delicious, but the nutrition (especially in the form of nitrates) they deliver to your body can help you achieve improved athletic performance. I've never cooked beet greens, so my first instinct was to cut off the greens and toss them out. But then I thought about that and how nutritious the greens could be. After a quick google search, I found that the greens are entirely edible -- stems and all. So begins tonight's experiment.
  • 2015 August 30

    John Nicholas with the Girls

    The girls and I drove to the Sunnyvale Mountain trailhead and hiked to the John Nicholas trail. About a half mile down the trail is a cool rock where the girls did some climbing. Marina got to practice her photography skills on my real camera too! Despite ... (28 photos)
  • 2015 August 25

    Homemade Energy Gel

    I spend a lot of money on energy gels. Each packet costs $1.25-$2.00 and contains 1-1.5 oz of gel. On a long run, I may consume as many as 6 gels. Over time, that adds up! I have gotten to know the kinds of food and nutrition I need while running, and non... (2 photos)
  • 2015 August 21

    Hoopla Hands Guadalupe Gardens Cleanup

    The awesome people of Hoopla came together this morning to help clean up a local park -- Guadalupe Gardens. With jets roaring overhead, we whacked weeds, barbered bushes, snipped suckers, and hauled hedges. It felt great to give back to the parks that have... (7 photos)