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  • 2017 December 30

    Bellingham, Seattle, and Baker

    Fun trip to visit parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, neice, nephew, cousins. Pop's 70th!... (35 photos)
  • 2017 December 26

    Afternoon scenes from 36 thousand feet. Lassen, ???, Crater Lake.

  • 2017 December 24

    Detail of a piece as part of Yishai Jusidman’s exhibition Prussian Blue - Paintings from Nazi concentration camps. Heavy and beautiful stuff. YBCA is a nice MOMA alternative, especially if you are looking for something further out there or if you are working with limited time.

  • 2017 December 21

    New music from me: Losososos On Spotify, iTunes, etc. Search for my name :) Sounds from my niece’s ukulele, drummer legend Bernard Purdie, a squeaky shelf in my kitchen, a kazoo, and blowing across a bottle of ginger beer, among others...

  • 2017 December 10

    That time of year again! protip: coffee filters

  • 2017 November 27

    new music - Transpo Currently at, should be on Spotify, etc on Wed.

  • 2017 November 26

    Thankful for cousins and neoprene.

  • 2017 November 05

    Awesome off-trail adventure in Ed Levin Park today. Nature, ur a stunnah.

  • 2017 October 28

    I made a reggae song 🇯🇲

  • 2017 October 11

    Bei-Jing or Bei-Area? #napafire

  • 2017 September 24

    New Music: "Bootsand"

  • 2017 September 05

    Edwin White, You're My Hero

  • 2017 August 24

    Modern Relic

  • 2017 August 13

    Morro Bay

    Fun times with parents, siblings, and cousins on the Central Coast.... (40 photos)
  • 2017 August 13


  • 2017 August 11

    Wetsuit Crew

  • 2017 August 11

    Good morning, people.

  • 2017 July 21

    @nicolasjaar awesome show tonight. Crowd whipped into a frenzy like some kind of rhythmic meringue. Come back soon!

  • 2017 July 20

    When life sends you seaweed...

  • 2017 July 10

    Turbo Climber

  • 2017 July 08

    Naomi at Honolua Bay as rain was rolling in.

  • 2017 July 04


  • 2017 July 04

    Luau, brah.

  • 2017 July 03

    Maui With Friends

    Given how much fun we had last year in Maui when we coincidentally were staying in the same place at the same time as Marina's good friend, I decided to do that intentionally this year and have friends join us. Marina chose Autumn to come with us again. N... (96 photos)
  • 2017 July 02

    Says it all.

  • 2017 June 25

    SF Exploratorium

    ... (19 photos)
  • 2017 June 12

    Hey buddy.

  • 2017 May 17

    Clan of the Cave Bear

  • 2017 May 17

    The Light

  • 2017 April 21

    Burmese Tea Leaf Salad. Seek it out if you haven't already.

  • 2017 April 17

    Eggs ... Watercolor'd and Soy'd

  • 2017 April 15

    This must be the place. With @whatsapna and @apandadaly.

  • 2017 April 15

    This Place

  • 2017 April 14

    Camping with friends in beautiful places.

  • 2017 March 27

    On Spotify if that's how you roll...

  • 2017 March 26

    @taylormcferrin and @drummerslams taking people places. What a show!

  • 2017 March 21

    Look what just dropped in the iTunes Store! 🎶 Spotify and others will be in a couple days. Search for "Zack Steinkamp".

  • 2017 March 20

    It's everywhere.

  • 2017 March 20


  • 2017 March 19


    ... (7 photos)
  • 2017 March 15

    How the ear sausages are made.

  • 2017 February 26

    Hello, Old Friends

  • 2017 February 19

    Sea foam bubbles

  • 2017 February 19

    Long weekends are for cousins. 👯‍♂️

  • 2017 February 06

    There's magic everywhere.

  • 2017 February 06

    Dam builders

  • 2017 January 25

    Hi Speed Trippel

  • 2017 January 16

    Set them free and see what happens.

  • 2017 January 15

    This must be the place 🎶

  • 2017 January 15

    Sanborn Stream Adventure

    Set them free in a beautiful and fun place and watch the magic.... (41 photos)
  • 2017 January 12

    Storm Warning! Flooding may cover local trails with mud in mesmerizing patterns. Keep those eyes up! @sanjosetrails

  • 2017 January 11


  • 2016 December 29

    Back at it. The big monitor makes a big difference, as does 15 years of tech progress.

  • 2016 December 24

    Lake Padden winter morning.

  • 2016 December 24

    Frozen #pnw trailrunning is dope!

  • 2016 December 24

    These steel-studded shoes from @icebugusa are a real game changer for winter running!

  • 2016 December 24

    Lake Padden

    ... (23 photos)
  • 2016 December 23

    When life throws snowballs at you...

  • 2016 December 23

    Flight home: canceled ❄️

  • 2016 December 23

    Sometimes little museum visitors need a little lift.

  • 2016 December 22

    Guess who conquered the whole mountain today?

  • 2016 December 21

    Amazing critters.

  • 2016 December 21

    Downtown, Stanley Park, and Mount Seymour

  • 2016 December 21

    We drove up to Vancouver today and did something I've wanted to do for a loooong time now. The plane is a 1959 DeHaviland Beaver with a 9 cylinder radial engine.

  • 2016 December 20


    Mimi, the girls, and I drove up to Vancouver today to check out the Christmas Market, take a seaplane ride, and then have a look in the Aquarium.... (58 photos)
  • 2016 December 19

    Ran to Whatcom Falls via Bellingham's icy trails. It warmed up to a balmy 40F this morning after a couple days of low 20s.

  • 2016 December 19


  • 2016 December 19

    Sno Buns

  • 2016 December 18

    Mt Baker

    We went up to Mt. Baker Sunday morning to check out the snow and get the girls a ski lesson.... (17 photos)
  • 2016 November 28

    Tonight's project -- Local Trail Oils. The girls helped me forage for California Bay and Eucalyptus leaves. We washed and chopped them and now they're steeping. We'll see how this goes...

  • 2016 November 27

    Hiking with parents in beautiful places.

  • 2016 November 27


  • 2016 November 24


    Some photos from before and during Thanksgiving in Los Osos.... (15 photos)
  • 2016 September 05

    Woodland Creatures

  • 2016 September 04

    Stevens Creek Reservoir with Friends

    I took the girls and their friends to a little spot at the Stevens Creek Reservoir that I've seen from above on the Tony Look Trail. The last time I ran on that trail, there was a family of deer foraging at the lake basin, so surely it would be good for a... (13 photos)
  • 2016 September 04

    Running with friends in beautiful places.

  • 2016 September 03

    Running with friends in beautiful places.

  • 2016 September 03

    Waddell / Big Basin Hq

    A group of friends and I headed up the coast just past Davenport to Waddell Beach to run up to Big Basin Headquarters, then down past Berry Creek Falls. We started out on this chilly morning at 7am, with the gentle uphill of the first few miles providing ... (34 photos)
  • 2016 August 28

    Sound, smell, feel -- everything that's been engineered out of cars in the last 50 years. Got to take my dad's awesome MGB with a 3.5L Rover V8 out and about. He and his college buddy are driving it back to Washington over the next four days.

  • 2016 August 27

    Castle Rock

    Pop, the girls and some friends took a hike in Castle Rock!... (9 photos)
  • 2016 August 21

    One of those mornings...

  • 2016 August 18

    A certain somebody had a big three weeks.

  • 2016 August 16

    Ok, our views here aren't so bad either.

  • 2016 August 15

    Muggin' with Friends

  • 2016 August 15


  • 2016 August 15

    /Bubblius Thingus/ This place is rad.

  • 2016 August 14

    California Academy of Sciences

    The girls and I drove the to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park to look at some science! Normally we would take BART, but I wanted to try our luck at driving. We met up with our friends there, and had a great time in this absolutely mag... (21 photos)
  • 2016 August 12

    It's basically @toddpeed's river.

  • 2016 August 12

    Ghost Ships :: Mothball Morning

  • 2016 August 12

    Nurse Log

  • 2016 August 11

    Sunriver 2016

    What a trip! Highlights: - Overnight Amtrak was a really great way to travel. Very mellow, mostly comfortable, great scenery. Don't plan on a full night's sleep though. - Super deluxe house with all the amenities. - Singletrack mountain bike rides to cany... (146 photos)
  • 2016 August 11

    G overlooking.

  • 2016 August 10

    Clear Water 2

  • 2016 August 10

    Clear Water 1 Drifting in a kayak on the clearest water I've ever seen. The colors and details on hundreds of rainbow trout were plainly visible from above the water here. Really amazing.

  • 2016 July 30

    When your body tells you "Yo! We need some Snickers up in here!", you had better just stop for a Snickers.

  • 2016 July 29

    This is why.

  • 2016 July 24


  • 2016 July 24

    Green goggles? Check. Sand helmet? Check. Protective foamy soul patch? Check. @marina_likes_cats reporting for ocean duty!

  • 2016 July 23

    "Oh my god, you look just like Shakira No no, you're Catherine Zeta Actually, my name's Marina"

  • 2016 July 23

    Rinsing off jungle mud.

  • 2016 July 23

    Scenic route.

  • 2016 July 20


    The girls and I had a super fun few days in Maui. We spent tons of time in the ocean and in the pools at the Honua Kai resort, but also watched the Ulalena show at the Maui Theatre, hiked around the Iao Needle, Drove the long way around the island, and spe... (70 photos)
  • 2016 July 04

    Alameda County Fair

    ... (8 photos)
  • 2016 July 03

    Richie's Peninsula Tour Co.

    ... (6 photos)
  • 2016 June 30

    MP: Bovine Attack!

    ... (12 photos)
  • 2016 June 26


    Slice of our day. Latkes, Summit Rock / Castle Rock, Rojoz.... (18 photos)
  • 2016 June 25

    Vasona Adventure

    We've been talking for a couple weeks about renting a pedal boat and tooling around Vasona Lake. Well, today we lived the dream. I happily pedaled from a fairly compact position (non-adjustable seats and all) while the girls practiced "accidentally fa... (9 photos)
  • 2016 June 25

    Quicksilver History Tour

    Photos from an 5:30am start at Almaden Quicksilver park, where Jeff and Nina showed me some of the more historical sites. We covered 15 miles and about 2900 feet of climbing on a beautiful morning.... (11 photos)
  • 2016 June 19

    Father's Day SF MOMA

    We started the day with a bagel, then a drive to the Fremont BART station. A quick and now familiar train ride and we surfaced at the Embarcadero station. We searched a bit for a memory card for Marina's camera (no dice) then went to the Ghiradelli store f... (17 photos)
  • 2016 June 18

    Las Trampas Run

    Running in a new park with new friends. My runnin' buddy Nina and I traveled to Danville to meet up with Jeremie, Wayne, and Gordon to explore this awesome park. From one ridge, we could see Martinez, Concord, the Delta, Mt. Diablo, Mission Peak, Moffett F... (21 photos)
  • 2016 June 17

    Taylor McFerrin SF Jazz

    I went with some friends to SF for an evening of good food and music. We started at Dirty Habit for creative drinks and plates, then on to the SF Jazz Center to see Taylor McFerrin perform. It was a very intimate setting, with room for about 60-75 people. ... (3 photos)
  • 2016 June 09

    Amtrak to SLO

    Naomi and I took the train down to visit cousins in Los Osos. Adventure abounds!... (37 photos)
  • 2016 June 07


    ... (23 photos)
  • 2016 May 27

    Seacliff Field Trip

    ... (9 photos)
  • 2016 May 14


    As a work anniversary gift, Hoopla gives its employees an allowance toward a gift. Blueboard is an experiential concierge service, so they work with you to put together a fun day from a wide range of choices. Working with them was a real plea... (29 photos)
  • 2016 April 30

    Biking Around the Bay

    ... (8 photos)
  • 2016 April 30

    Stevens Creek Reservoir with Naomi

    ... (7 photos)
  • 2016 April 23

    Henry Cowell Adventures

    Beto showed us around Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. Talk about variety! We started in a poison oak grove, then shifted to lush ferns and redwoods, climbing a sandy trail to a foggy lookout tower (with tasty water fountain), down a rocky trail back to r... (16 photos)
  • 2016 April 16

    Ohlone Explorations

    ... (11 photos)
  • 2016 April 03

    Mission Peak / Maguire Peaks Marathon

    ... (14 photos)
  • 2016 April 02

    Lake Ranch / John Nicholas Creekwalk With Friends

    A little Saturday morning hike to our favorite salamander hangout.... (9 photos)
  • 2016 March 24

    Ed Levin to Monument Peak

    Tim, Nina, and I took to the hills of Ed Levin Park for a quick loop in the evening. We kept a nice easy pace the whole way, which is a welcome change from my usual hammer time out there. There were tons of cows grazing near the trails this evening, but o... (5 photos)
  • 2016 March 20

    Ohlone to Sunol Backpack Area

    ... (6 photos)
  • 2016 March 17

    Mission Peak O50K to Ohlone Evening Run

    ... (6 photos)
  • 2016 March 06

    Sanborn to El Sereno

    ... (9 photos)
  • 2016 March 05

    Rainy Hike with Friends

    ... (3 photos)
  • 2016 March 04

    Marina's Walden West Return

    Marina spent the week at overnight Science Camp at Walden West in Saratoga. She had the time of her life!... (6 photos)
  • 2016 February 29

    Mission Peak to Sunol

    Club Nina hit the popular trail up to the Mission Peak summit, then descended to Sunol Regional Park. Then we turned around and did it all in reverse! Great to spend time with Nina, Jeremy, Larry, Jeff, and new friend Huy. Keep on rocking guys! www.strava... (9 photos)
  • 2016 February 27

    Lake Ranch Reservoir

    After a fun sleepover last night, I took the girls and two of their friends on a hike up the Lake Ranch Trail to the reservoir. Lots to see and do along the way, but the highlights were definitely the salamanders and ladybugs.... (35 photos)
  • 2016 February 21

    Sunol: Flag Hill and Maguire Peaks

    What a wonderful time in a beautiful place out in the country! New friends Lisa and Harris. (8 photos)
  • 2016 February 18

    Salamander Breakfast

    I came across these two on a pre-dawn run in Quicksilver Park. They were both trying to eat the same worm, Lady and the Tramp style.... (2 photos)
  • 2016 February 15

    Buchon Trail and Coon Creek Beach

    We took a walk on the Buchon Trail then spent some time at Coon Creek Beach.... (11 photos)
  • 2016 February 14

    Montana de Oro Run

    Spooner's Cove, Bluff Trail, Coon Creek Trail, Oats Peak, Valencia Peak, Rattlesnake Flats, Bluff Trail. What a satisfying day for a run in this beautiful place. (10 photos)
  • 2016 February 08

    Westward Ho! @ History San Jose

    I got to chaperone a field trip today with Marina's class to a local historical area. History San Jose seeks to recreate the environment from this city's past ... all the way back to the pioneer days. That's what the kids focused on today, learning how to ... (10 photos)
  • 2016 January 31

    Weekend with Pop

    Pop Steinkamp came down this way to go to a car swap meet, and so we got to spend some time with him! We went to see Lupe the Wooly Mammoth sculpture, played by the Guadalupe River, and had a surprise visit from Auntie Deb.... (7 photos)
  • 2016 January 31

    Sanborn, San Andreas, Skyline, Saratoga Gap Castle Rock

    At the bottom of the hill in Sanborn Park before sunrise it seemed like it was going to be an ideal short-sleeves rainy run through the redwoods. Once we made our way up the steep switchbacks of the San Andreas Trail, the cold wind hit us like daggers and... (13 photos)
  • 2016 January 10

    Hike with Two Ohlone Princesses

    We set out to climb Mission Peak today around lunchtime, but the lure of things off the trail was too strong. We fed a horse, looked at an old Ohlone Indian grinding stone, and made some cow friends. This was the right way to spend the morning!... (7 photos)
  • 2016 January 03


    The girls and I have been talking for a long time about a trip to Chinatown. Everything aligned for a trip there today! We took BART into the city from Fremont, then it was a quick walk to the Hyatt Regency to check out that awesome hotel, and its views a... (18 photos)
  • 2015 December 22

    SJ Walkabout

    Have camera, will travel around San Jose at night.... (9 photos)
  • 2015 November 23

    Visiting the Waechtlers in Los Osos

    The girls and I drove down to Los Osos to have some sister/brother/cousin time. Em, Mark, Ruby, and Ginger certainly know how to have a great time and generously shared that with us.... (30 photos)
  • 2015 October 04

    Pumpkin Patch and Lake Ranch Reservoir

    This afternoon, the girls and I went to the pumpkin patch down the street. They had lots of unique pumpkins (orange, warty, white, grey, gourds), a petting zoon, a cow tractor ride, hampster balls, and they show movies every evening. Awesome! We will be ba... (20 photos)
  • 2015 September 27

    Super Full Blood Moon Run

    I ran up Mt. Allison with the DSLR in tow. The clouds foiled my moonrise plans, but there was plenty more to enjoy up there.... (8 photos)
  • 2015 September 23

    Village Camping Trip

    ... (13 photos)
  • 2015 September 20

    Ohlone 50K: Hot Mess Edition

    Today was my third time running the Ohlone Wilderness 50K. It was rescheduled from its usual May start to Mid-September. Normally this would mean a cooler race, but today (and today only!) was crazy hot. Today it reached 102F in Livermore. A fellow racer h... (13 photos)
  • 2015 September 18

    Marina's 10th Birthday at Glow

    Marina and her 12 closest friends met up at Glow Candle Lounge for some flickering fun. They made candles, ate pizza, then had ice cream cake. Fun times!... (24 photos)
  • 2015 September 16

    Sanborn Park Field Trip

    I drove Marina and two of her friends to Sanborn Park today to join their class on a field trip led by their teacher Sherry. She has spent decades as a Walden West counselor/leader and has hiked these trails more than anyone I know. We had a wonderful morn... (17 photos)
  • 2015 September 13

    Stevens Creek Explorers

    Marina really wanted to do some stream walking this morning. A quick check of the map led us to Stevens Creek County Park and the perfect setting for today.... (9 photos)
  • 2015 September 05

    Alviso Photowalk

    The camera and I up and went to Alviso to take some pictures this evening.... (7 photos)
  • 2015 August 30

    John Nicholas with the Girls

    The girls and I drove to the Sunnyvale Mountain trailhead and hiked to the John Nicholas trail. About a half mile down the trail is a cool rock where the girls did some climbing. Marina got to practice her photography skills on my real camera too! Despite ... (28 photos)
  • 2015 August 25

    Homemade Energy Gel

    I spend a lot of money on energy gels. Each packet costs $1.25-$2.00 and contains 1-1.5 oz of gel. On a long run, I may consume as many as 6 gels. Over time, that adds up! I have gotten to know the kinds of food and nutrition I need while running, and non... (2 photos)
  • 2015 August 21

    Hoopla Hands Guadalupe Gardens Cleanup

    The awesome people of Hoopla came together this morning to help clean up a local park -- Guadalupe Gardens. With jets roaring overhead, we whacked weeds, barbered bushes, snipped suckers, and hauled hedges. It felt great to give back to the parks that have... (7 photos)
  • 2015 August 19

    Naomi's 7th Party

    ... (9 photos)
  • 2015 August 16

    Lexington Photoshoot

    We drove to the Lexington Reservoir this evening for a quick photoshoot. It was a nice way to cool off after a super hot (106F) day.... (6 photos)
  • 2015 August 13

    Sunriver 2015

    This summer tradition has stayed fresh and fun every year. This time around, awesome cousin Angie joined us for most of the trip. She's now an honorary Steinkamp. Sister Emily and girls came too, which was a long awaited first. We loved all being togethe... (46 photos)
  • 2015 July 25

    Seymour Butts and More

    ... (13 photos)
  • 2015 July 20

    GE Level 2 Charger

    After getting the e-Golf, it became clear that I needed (needed!) a faster charger for at home. This GE unit is as barebones as it gets, but it works well enough to give the e-Golf the 7.2kW it can take.... (5 photos)
  • 2015 July 03

    Matt and Michelle's Wedding at Villa Montalvo

    ... (11 photos)
  • 2015 June 13


    ... (69 photos)
  • 2015 May 25

    Castle Rock

    ... (5 photos)
  • 2015 May 16

    Girls on the Run 5K

    I ran with the girls this year in the season-finale 5 km run in Vasona Park. Arti was the head coach for the program at our school.... (14 photos)
  • 2015 April 30

    Nishu's Maui Sendoff

    Ashu coordinated a trip for 11 guys to visit the beautiful island of Maui to celebrate Nishu's forthcoming marriage. We had good food and adventures every day, including a jungle hike, volcano ride, bamboo forest, and a coastal lava rock meander. What a g... (74 photos)
  • 2015 April 20

    NASA Ames Field Trip

    ... (12 photos)
  • 2015 April 12

    Castle Rock

    The girls and I had a fun morning starting with bagels to-go, then we played on the sandstones of Castle Rock for a couple of hours. Marina had a big light bulb moment while climbing, and was able to scurry up most things she set her mind to afterward. :)... (7 photos)
  • 2015 April 04


    We celebrated Easter at Kanta's house. Sienna and Olivia were there for the fun too, with Cheryl and Ashu arriving later on in the day. The Easter Bunny did a great job making it a special and fun day for the girls.... (8 photos)
  • 2015 April 03

    YSI at Sanborn Park

    ... (8 photos)
  • 2015 March 29

    Pleasanton Ridge

    Great run today near Nani's house on the Thermalito Trail. Perfect warm and cool air, green grass, wildflowers, a giant herd of sheep, Sinbad Creek, meditation on a hillside. Took my time today and loved it.... (8 photos)
  • 2015 March 28

    Dadventures Saturday and Sunday

    Some miscellaneous photos from a fun weekend with the girls while Arti was away at a conference. Really great to be able to focus on these beauties.... (8 photos)
  • 2015 March 25

    Black Diamond Mines Field Trip

    I got to chaperone a school field trip with Marina's class to the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve in Antioch. Initially a coal mine, eventually it was converted to a sand mine. The regional park district gives tours of a small section of the Hazel-At... (10 photos)
  • 2015 March 10

    E36 Track Stuff For Sale

    ... (7 photos)
  • 2015 February 01

    Early Bird Criterium - First Bike Race

    After getting a road bike last week and climbing Mt. Hamilton with Richie, David, and Ruslan, I thought it would be fun to try out racing. Ruslan is an avid racer and pointed me to, which has a comprehensive schedule of events. Lucky me, there w... (7 photos)
  • 2015 January 24

    Mission Peak with M&N

    Arti was busy with Yoga and a school maintenance day, so the girls and I took a trip up Mission Peak. It was Naomi's first time up, and despite the howling wind and dust storms, she did great! Marina too. :)... (24 photos)
  • 2015 January 18

    Summit Rock with M&N

    We intended to go to Castle Rock this morning, but there was absolutely no place to park. Heading back up 35, the girls spotted a little parking lot on the right. We slammed on the brakes and turned in, and what we found was a great little park! We hiked f... (16 photos)
  • 2014 December 26

    Exploratorium Boxing Day

    ... (9 photos)
  • 2014 December 06

    25 Hours of Thunderhill 2014

    I drove up to catch some evening/night action at this year's 25 Hour race. Not having the responsibility of crewing for a team was good and bad -- the freedom was nice, but I do really enjoy being really involved in an effort.... (17 photos)
  • 2014 November 16


    The girls and I took a fun trip to SF today to visit the Exploratorium. We got there right when it opened, which worked out great on this Sunday. We ate at the Seaglass cafe (delicious but expensive), then experimented around some more. So much awesome stu... (25 photos)
  • 2014 August 05

    Mt. Bachelor

    The TBNCAZ running club hit up Mt. Bachelor on a warm Tuesday. The trail goes from the Sunrise parking lot to the trail summit, climbing about 2500 feet in 3 miles. Super fun! Route data at (33 photos)
  • 2014 August 04

    Sunriver Horse Ride

    Eight of us booked a one hour trail ride through some of the open space in Sunriver. Come along for a dusty journey!... (8 photos)
  • 2014 August 03

    Sunriver River Float

    One of our favorite things to do in Sunriver is to float down the Deschutes river from the bridge on Spring River Rd to the Sunriver Marina. This is a couple miles and takes a few hours.... (23 photos)
  • 2014 June 09

    Bye Bye Kauai

    After breakfast and a final trip to the beach on Monday we made our way back home. :(... (9 photos)
  • 2014 June 08

    Okolehao Rainbow Return, Beach, Rock Dam, Beach

    Our last full day in Kauai took us back up to the Okolehao trail for another run, then some beach time. We then had lunch at Common Ground in Kilauea and made the short walk to the awesome Rock Dam. Some shave ice and beach time closed out the day.... (30 photos)
  • 2014 June 07

    Homemade Sushi, Morning Race, Beach

    We had the best dinner (so far) of our trip last night -- homemade sushi and sesame tofu. Easy, good. Saturday morning brought us to the Hanalei Pier so the girls could do some running races put on by the Hanalei Canoe Club. This was the 35th year of th... (20 photos)
  • 2014 June 06

    Kalalau Trail Run to Hanakapiai Falls

    We drove to the end of the Kuhio Highway this morning. Arti and the girls played at Ke'e Beach while I took off on the Kalalau Trail to run up to Hanakapiai Falls. (15 photos)
  • 2014 June 05

    Waimea River Kayaking to Hidden Beach

    We shoved off Thursday morning in a couple of kayaks to paddle down the Waimea River on a guided tour to do some snorkeling and lunch on Hidden Beach.... (9 photos)
  • 2014 June 04

    Kauai Morning, Beach, and SUP

    Wednesday brought us for a morning walk, some beach time, then we picked up a stand-up paddleboard to play with.... (15 photos)
  • 2014 June 03

    Okolehau Trail Run

    The Okolehau Trail runs along a ridge above Hanalei Bay. It is fairly steep for the first 2 miles, then it gets crazy steep -- with a series of 30 ropes to use to climb some nearly vertical sections. It had rained 1.5" yesterday, so the trail was ve... (15 photos)
  • 2014 June 03

    Tuesday Morning in Kauai

    A three hour time difference means that the girls were up and at 'em at 4:30am. We had a quick breakfast then went to play at the beach, while Arti went for a run.... (12 photos)
  • 2014 May 20

    Natural Bridges Field Trip

    I got to chaperone a field trip with Marina's class to Natural Bridges State Beach. We learned about life in the tide pools and played in the sand a bit.... (13 photos)
  • 2014 May 18

    Ohlone Wilderness 50K Trail Race

    It was a fantastic day for the O50K run. Great weather, excellent aid stations, and better preparation than last year led to a 6h43m finishing time -- more than an hour and a half better than last year. (11 photos)
  • 2014 April 27

    Sunol / Mission Peak / Almost Rose Peak

    This was my last long training run before this year's Ohlone 50K. It was an awesome day to be out there -- a bit misty and cool in the morning, then broken clouds and a cool breeze through the day. Wildflowers, bones, and a big ol' rattlesnake completed ... (5 photos)
  • 2014 April 20

    Ohlone / Mt. Allison / Sunol Tri-Star

    I ran from Ohlone College, up to Mt. Allison, then down to Sunol and back to Ohlone today. It was a fun run, the highlight being all the wildflowers blooming in Sunol. (3 photos)
  • 2014 April 13

    Village Faire

    Arti and another parent organized a handmade craft market at our school. The girls made earrings and necklaces with friends, and many others turned out to buy and sell and share their wares.... (18 photos)
  • 2014 April 12

    Kennedy 24

    Training run along Kennedy and some of Limekiln trail, times two. (4 photos)
  • 2014 April 05

    Royals First Win

    The girls started off their season with a three-goal bang! They played better than they ever had, and managed to pull off a 3-2 win over the Ladybugs. Marina played her heart out, and had three shots on goal.... (3 photos)
  • 2014 March 22

    Stevens Canyon with Marina

    While Arti and Naomi were busy with other things on Saturday, Marina and I headed to the hills with our bikes.... (11 photos)
  • 2014 March 17

    MP+MtA with Two Zombies

    I met up with Zac and Alex from Zombie Runner for a run up and down Mission Peak. It was so gorgeous out, we decided to extend it a bit to hit Mt. Allison too. Great run!... (5 photos)
  • 2014 February 22

    Seymour Marine Discovery Center

    ... (13 photos)
  • 2013 December 26

    Palm Springs

    ... (15 photos)
  • 2013 December 04

    Field Trip to Foothills Open Space Preserve

    Marina's class went to this beautiful park in Palo Alto to learn how the native Ohlone Indians lived. They ground acorns, learned how the Ohlones started fires, and played some Ohlone games.... (9 photos)
  • 2013 November 28


    Good times at Casa Steinkamp this year as we hosted Thanksgiving.... (7 photos)
  • 2013 November 23

    Camp Fashionista PJ Bottoms

    Marina and Naomi have been taking sewing classes at Camp Fashionista in San Jose. Dori, the owner, asked me to take some photos for her to use for her website and other promo materials. I think she's running an awesome business so I'm happy to do this fo... (23 photos)
  • 2013 November 20

    Kauai Powerline Trail

    I took off one day in Kauai to run the Powerline Trail. It stretches 10.5 miles from the Arboretum above Wailua to the Princeville area. It was a harrowing journey, with threats from tall and sharp grass, wild boars, very technical terrain, and deep mud pits to keep me on my toes. (20 photos)
  • 2013 November 16


    We had an awesome week in Poipu. We stayed in a small house just across the street from the Poipu Beach Park. We went boogie boarding every morning, one time with a huge sea turtle and a pod of spinner dolphins. I ran up the coast a bit, and across the island on the Powerline Trail. We visited Waimea Canyon and kayaked up the Wailua River then hiked to Secret Falls. This was a vacation where we didn't want to come back home! (77 photos)
  • 2013 October 20

    Royals vs. Burlingame

    I took photos at one of Marina's soccer games.... (27 photos)
  • 2013 October 12

    Skyline to the Sea 50k

    David M and I ran the SttS 50k today!... (8 photos)
  • 2013 September 25

    Marina's Birthday at Camp Fashionista

    To celebrate her eighth birthday, we took Marina and a few friends to Camp Fashionista in San Jose. Each of them made a messenger bag to take home! This was a fun way to have a party.... (20 photos)
  • 2013 August 25

    Naomi's Birthday Party

    ... (12 photos)
  • 2013 August 11

    Kanta's Birthday and Rakhi

    ... (17 photos)
  • 2013 August 03

    Bellingham and Birch Bay

    We flew up to Washington to spend a week with family. We split the time between Bellingham and Birch Bay, with a day in Gig Harbor. We had a great time all around -- runs in the Chuckanuts, family time, boat rides, wading, swimming, riding, discovering, ... (58 photos)
  • 2013 August 02

    Fragrance Lake Run

    Becca showed us another of her favorite runs today. This was a 5.6 mile out-around-a-lake-and-back to Fragrance Lake, named after the common local Skunk Cabbage that gives the area a distinctive smell certain times of the year. It was a great run, with awe... (4 photos)
  • 2013 August 02

    Letters With Pad

    ... (23 photos)
  • 2013 July 14

    Double Dippin' Mt. Allison

    For several months, my friend and riding buddy Sean and I have been talking about doing a "double dip". The idea is to do a big climb on our bikes, ride down, then run up and down the same hill. We did that a few weeks back up and down Mission ... (3 photos)
  • 2013 June 09

    Ed Levin to Mission Peak

    Mark and I set out this morning to do a nice run in the hills. We had a good time and covered 13.5 miles / 3150 ft climb in 3h22m. ... (3 photos)
  • 2013 June 02

    Mission Peak / Mt. Allison

    Achievement Unlocked! This was the first time I ran up Mission Peak without stopping or walking. It ended up being a minute slower than my prior "run and fast walk combo" ascent, but perhaps there is a future of more speed? I continued to Mt. ... (5 photos)
  • 2013 May 28

    YBK Graduation

    Naomi got to "cross the bridge" in her Year Before Kindergarten graduation ceremony. Thanks Marci for the photos!... (4 photos)
  • 2013 May 25

    Mr. Chris

    Mr. Chris is the newest member of our family. He's five years old, and was rescued as a kitten. He was pretty nervous when Joanne of the 13th Street Cat Rescue brought him over, but after a couple of hours alone, the girls went in to pet him and he was ... (3 photos)
  • 2013 May 12

    Mothers Day

    We celebrated Mother's Day at Kanta's house. Cheryl, Ashu, and Sienna came too! (5 photos)
  • 2013 April 28

    Archita and Sean's Wedding in Cancun

    We turned a family wedding into a family vacation - 6 days at the Moon Palace resort in Cancun. The girls' wishes came true in that we swam EVERY DAY.... (61 photos)
  • 2013 April 16

    Lawrence Hall of Science Field Trip

    ... (24 photos)
  • 2013 March 09

    Shoreline and Pizza

    The girls and I went to Shoreline Park today. We rented a pedalboat and pedaled across Shoreline Lake. We then hopped on our bikes and rode a bit, then played on a hill by the bay. At home tonight we made Chicago-style pizza from scratch, thanks to a go... (7 photos)
  • 2013 February 10

    Hetch Hetchy Pipeline

    I took a walk today from near the Ravenswood Open Space Preserve next to the Dumbarton bridge to where the Hetch Hetchy pipeline meets Palo Alto after it crosses the bay.... (12 photos)
  • 2013 February 01

    Bridge Contest

    To celebrate the 100th day of 2nd grade, Marina's teacher had each student build a bridge using 100 popsicle sticks. (5 photos)
  • 2013 January 21

    Los Osos

    Always a great time in Los Osos. We spent a few days to celebrate Emily's birthday, play by the ocean, run around Montana de Oro, and get soaked by some huge surf. I took two 360 degree panoramas at Montana de Oro. One from The Bluff Trail and one from ... (47 photos)
  • 2013 January 13

    Frosty Hills

    My first official training run for the Ohlone 50K took me from Ed Levin County Park, up to Monument Peak, then past Mt. Allison, up and over Mission Peak, turned around and did it all in reverse. It was just shy of 13 miles and took about 2h45m. Total as... (5 photos)
  • 2013 January 01

    Shoreline New Years Ride

    Arti was busy teaching a fitness class, so the girls and I rode our bikes around Shoreline Park. We stopped for fries and juice at the Lakeside Cafe along the way. We rode on trails, roads, grass, hills, and mud. Total distance was about 3 miles over the... (5 photos)
  • 2012 December 31


    I rode my bike from Alviso to the ghost town known as Drawbridge today to take some photos... (13 photos)
  • 2012 December 31

    New Chicken Fence

    The chickens got really good at escaping from their "corner of paradise", and would make a mess of the rest of the yard. On the advice of the nice folks at the local farm supply store, I tried a new kind of fence. It's made from 4'x4' PVC squares with ch... (3 photos)
  • 2012 December 30

    McCorkle Bonk

    Beautiful day -- 14 miles, 4600 feet, 3:45. Visited Rock Scramble and climbed Goat Rock. Bonked hard with 5 miles to go. Thankfully Arti was waiting with food when I got home! (8 photos)
  • 2012 December 28

    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    We (and the rest of the Bay Area it seems) drove down to Monterey today to check out the Aquarium. Naomi hadn't really been before, so it was a fun time for Marina to show her the ropes.... (24 photos)
  • 2012 December 25


    Fun at home with Kanta, Ashu, Cheryl, and Sienna. Vishal, Pranav, and Om came over later in the day.... (18 photos)
  • 2012 December 20

    Holiday Train

    We took another ride on the Niles-Sunol Holiday Train this year. It's a really fun and unique time -- a bit of the past in many ways.... (10 photos)
  • 2012 December 08

    Lexington Reservoir

    The girls and I took a short drive to the Lexington Reservoir today. We walked around the spillway next to the dam, then we walked up the trail to St. Joseph's hill for a bit.... (17 photos)
  • 2012 December 02


    Some photos from the backyard.... (10 photos)
  • 2012 November 23

    Kennedy Turkey Ride

    6am start up this unrelenting 4 mile climb. Great times with good friends!... (4 photos)
  • 2012 November 23

    Thanksgiving 2012

    Thanks Cheryl and Ashu for hosting the whole family for Thanksgiving. It was a delicious and fun night!... (23 photos)
  • 2012 October 21

    Front Yard Photoshoot

    ... (4 photos)
  • 2012 September 23

    Marina's Birthday

    We had a couple of parties for Marina's birthday. Nani came over in the morning with lunch and a little cake and we opened family presents. Then in the afternoon we went to Petroglyph in Willow Glen for pottery, painting, and pizza!... (29 photos)
  • 2012 September 03


    We made one of our favorites for dinner tonight. It's super easy, especially since you can prep pretty much everything way in advance. Surprise new favorite ingredients: fried garlic slices, shiitakes sautéed in rice vinegar and soy sauce, and crushed w... (2 photos)
  • 2012 September 01

    Rhus Ridge to Black Mountain

    I did a 14 mile run/hike this morning, starting from the Rhus Ridge parking lot, then up and over Black Mountain. It was really foggy at the top and on the west side of the mountain, but then it started clearing on my way back. 4500 total vertical feet, ... (3 photos)
  • 2012 September 01

    Hellyer Park Velodrome

    Most local folks don't know that there is a velodrome inside of a public park in San Jose! Three nights a week in the summer, there are races at the Hellyer Park Velodrome. There are beginner lessons on Saturday mornings too. We met up with the Kohler... (5 photos)
  • 2012 August 26

    Archita and Sean's Engagement Celebration

    Sean and Archita (Nanhi) came to town to celebrate Ashu's 40th, and of course the parents took the opportunity to celebrate their engagement with the family. Great to meet Sean this weekend! We're happy he's joining the Sood/Sud clan.... (15 photos)
  • 2012 August 25

    Naomi's Birthday Party

    We celebrated Naomi's 4th birthday at home with some friends. Everyone had a lot of fun!... (22 photos)
  • 2012 August 19


    The girls and I took their bikes and the Aerobie to a park this morning.... (12 photos)
  • 2012 August 19

    Birthdays 4

    We celebrated three birthdays pivoting around the number "4" at Kanta's house last night.... (29 photos)
  • 2012 August 05

    Last Day With Nate

    I showed Nate the hard way up Mission Peak, then we had to take him to the airport (sniff, sniff).... (3 photos)
  • 2012 August 04

    South Bay Adventure

    Arti was hosting a baby shower at our house, so I took the girls out for an adventure. We walked around the baylands in Alviso, then had lunch at Maria Elenas, then found the Visotor's Center at NASA AMES was a great place to explore!... (11 photos)
  • 2012 July 29

    Aptos Beach Day

    We drove down to Aptos to drop Nate off with Sherry, Hirendra, Aki, and Nimale. What followed was a great day enjoying the beach and friends.... (14 photos)
  • 2012 July 27

    Castle Rock with Nate

    Nate, the girls, and I took a fun trip to Castle Rock one morning. It's one of the girls' favorite places, and they were thrilled to share it with their cousin!... (10 photos)
  • 2012 July 24


    We had our second annual family reunion-ish in this fantastic central Oregon destination. Sunriver and surrounding areas offer a lot of fun and variety. We ate, hiked, explored, learned, rode bikes and horses, and visited.... (90 photos)
  • 2012 July 14

    Body Combat 52 Launch

    Arti teaches Body Combat, a type of cardio kickboxing. Her and her friends/coworkers Marci, Malena, and Donna launched the latest release of the series this morning. Don't mess with these ladies!... (41 photos)
  • 2012 July 07

    Point Lobos

    We spent the day at this beautiful State Park just south of Monterey. Fun to share this place with my girls that I remember from being a kid.... (20 photos)
  • 2012 June 03

    Palm Springs

    Arti and I went to Palm Springs for Derek and Ann Larie's wedding. We had a few days to explore too...... (42 photos)
  • 2012 May 26

    Mission Peak Again!

    I hustled up, then took my time coming down everyone's favorite peak! Ok, well it's just my favorite peak.... (11 photos)
  • 2012 May 21

    Eclipse Contraption

    The girls and I put together a little contraption to safely look at the eclipse. It evolved into a slightly more complicated contraption as the moon moved along...... (12 photos)
  • 2012 May 08

    Backyard B&W

    More warm weather fun!... (10 photos)
  • 2012 May 05

    More iPhone Macros

    I took a quick trip through the backyard this afternoon with my iPhone and 10x B&L Hastings loupe. The small world is amazingly detailed!... (5 photos)
  • 2012 May 05

    Backyard Goggles

    When the sun is out, the hose gets unwound and the swimsuits and goggles go on!... (4 photos)
  • 2012 May 05

    Big Moon Hike

    I took an evening walk up the good old Horse Heaven Trail to get a view of the extra-large full moon.... (6 photos)
  • 2012 April 27


    I found a bee on my car today, so I brought it inside to take some pictures of it. Pictures are from an iPhone 4 and 10x B&L Hastings Loupe.... (4 photos)
  • 2012 April 01

    Castle Rock

    The girls and I took a chilly morning hike to Castle Rock, then had some hot chocolate to warm up afterward.... (10 photos)
  • 2012 March 10

    Cheryl and Ashu's Baby Shower

    A very nice March day brought family and friends together to celebrate Ashu and Cheryl's forthcoming baby, or as Naomi calls her, "Cutie Beautie".... (25 photos)
  • 2012 February 23

    Costa Rica Thurs/Fri

    Thursday took us on a zip line tour, a waterfall hike, some pool time, and a special dinner from the Flor Blanca chefs. We took one last walk up the beach on Friday, then came back home. (17 photos)
  • 2012 February 22

    Costa Rica Wednesday

    On Wednesday, we rode the ATV to Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve and had a great hike with Pablo along with a memorable lunch. In the evening we enjoyed the sunset with dinner at Brisas Del Mar. (26 photos)
  • 2012 February 22

    Costa Rica Tuesday

    In the morning on Tuesday, we took a stand-up paddleboard lesson (sorry, no photos) and then in the afternoon went horseback riding on the beach and up into the hills on a private ranch. Dinner was at Al Chile Violet down the street. (16 photos)
  • 2012 February 21

    Costa Rica Sunday/Monday

    We traveled to Costa Rica beginning at 12:30a PT on Sunday. We arrived at our hotel that evening, had dinner, then hit the sack. Monday was a lazy day of playing in the ocean, swimming in the pool, a massage for Arti and some exploring up the coast for me. (28 photos)
  • 2012 January 12

    Monterey Bay Aquarium Field Trip

    I took Marina and a friend on a fun school field trip to the aquarium.... (9 photos)
  • 2011 November 12

    Ed Levin Hike

    Took a nice walk on Saturday from Sandy Wool Lake. Blazed a trail straight to Monument Peak. Took the trail most of the way down. Mostly overcast and foggy which made it seem like more of an adventure.... (11 photos)
  • 2011 October 30


    I made it to the top of Mt. Umunhum (3500ft) today. This mountain is known for "The Box" that sits atop it, which used to be the base of a large radar antenna operated by the Air Force from the 50s until the 80s. There is a project underway to turn this ... (17 photos)
  • 2011 October 25

    Double Swing

    Marina and Naomi had some fun this evening sharing a swing.... (5 photos)
  • 2011 October 18

    Front Yard Mantis and Girls

    The girls found this mantis on a lavender bush in the front yard. It was patient enough for me to get some photos of it. Afterward, the girls climbed up the magnolia tree.... (9 photos)
  • 2011 October 16

    New Track Wheels+Tires

    Wheels are 17x9 et40 TR MT1R. Tires are Toyo R-888 245/40-17. There was an ever so slight rub on the rear fender lip which was easily remedied with a hammer.... (5 photos)
  • 2011 October 08

    Calaveras Dam Explorations

    I did some serious trespassing today to get a closer look at some of the old buildings and interesting terrain around the Calaveras Reservoir. Starting from Sunol Regional Park, I blazed a trail up a steep hill overlooking the reservoir, then descended to... (23 photos)
  • 2011 September 10

    Happy Hollow

    I took the girls to Happy Hollow today. We had a lot of fun with the rides, especially the Fruit Basket roller coaster. The girls also spent quite a bit of time with the goats and other farm animals. We missed our SF friends today though!... (10 photos)
  • 2011 August 27

    Ridge / Ranch Hike

    9.5 miles from Ohlone, straight up Mission Ridge at the first gate, up and over Mission Peak then off-trail up Mt. Allison. Returned via the "Ranch Trail" which leads to Mill Creek Road, then picked up the Peak Trail back to Ohlone where the two... (5 photos)
  • 2011 August 26

    Surprise Eggs!

    Bubble has been hiding something from us. Marina found her egg stash in an unused planting pot on the side yard. There were 9 eggs total ... we left one for her to take care of.... (2 photos)
  • 2011 August 21

    Morning Race, Birthdays, Rakhi

    Marina and Arti ran in a race this morning, then we came home and got ready for Ashu, Cheryl, and Kanta to come over to celebrate three birthdays and Rakhi.... (9 photos)
  • 2011 August 19

    Naomi's Fairy Party

    We had friends, family, and a Fairy named Miss Jingle come over to celebrate Naomi's third birthday.... (31 photos)
  • 2011 August 13

    Mission Peak Chasms

    Did a hike today from Ohlone up and over the peak, down and across the Grove Trail, then off-trail to Mission Ridge to explore the 1998 slide area. There is a lot of USGS measuring equipment there, and clear signs that another big slide is imminent.... (10 photos)
  • 2011 August 09


    Bubble is our new hen. She's a cross between a Sultan and a Silkie.... (3 photos)
  • 2011 August 07

    Mt Hamilton Concert

    Arti got us VIP tickets to an event up on Mt. Hamilton -- a tour of the facility, dinner, a concert, and telescope viewing. Awesome!... (16 photos)
  • 2011 July 30

    Ed Levin Rattlesnake Hike

    9.5 mile hike in Ed Levin County Park. I started on the Tularcitos trail, then took a right onto the Agua Caliente trail for a bit, then went off-trail up to the valley between Monument Peak and Mt. Allison. Up and over Monument Peak and back down the ha... (6 photos)
  • 2011 July 21

    Sunriver Family Vacation

    We flew to Eugene then drove to Sunriver, OR to spend 5 days with TBNC, Mimi, and Pop. What a place! We saw beautiful scenery, volcanic activity, caves, amazing animals, and one long and lazy river.... (49 photos)
  • 2011 July 05

    Fireworks from Mission Peak

    I hiked up Mission Peak to get a view of the Bay Area's fireworks shows. All in all I counted at least 20 from there. Big ones were at Great America, San Francisco/Oakland, Redwood City, Los Gatos, San Jose, and Fremont. Lots of other folks had a simila... (12 photos)
  • 2011 June 20

    Evening Hike to Mt Allison

    A father's day dinner hike from the Stanford Ave parking lot, up Horse Heaven Trail, then taking a detour about 3/4 of the way up to beeline to Mt. Allison. Super clear skies and very pleasant on the way down. Thanks Arti for my new hiking shirt!... (13 photos)
  • 2011 June 10

    New Helmet

    After five years with the Pyrotect helmet, I got an HJC Si-12. It's a lot lighter than the Pyrotect, and with a SA2005 rating, it will be good for another 5-6 years.... (3 photos)
  • 2011 May 27

    Rose Peak

    I walked from Sunol Regional Park to the top of Rose Peak and back, which is about 20 miles round trip. Rose Peak is the highest accessible point in Alameda County at about 3800 feet. The trail was not particularly strenous, just LONG! (17 photos)
  • 2011 April 25

    Easter Hike at Quicksilver

    ... (5 photos)
  • 2011 April 17

    Lily's Party at Saratoga Springs

    ... (25 photos)
  • 2011 April 16

    Bugs on a Dandelion Stem

    ... (1 photo)
  • 2011 April 10

    Pranav and Vishal's Baby Shower

    We celebrated Vishal and Pranav's soon-to-be new son today with food, dancing, singing and general good times. Congratulations to the parents to be!... (58 photos)
  • 2011 April 09

    Mission Peak with Marina

    Marina and I walked up Horse Heaven trail. She did great -- hopping and skipping all the way up. I only had to carry her for about the last 1.5 miles on the way down though ;-)... (17 photos)
  • 2011 March 28

    Test Set

    This set is just for testing.... (2 photos)
  • 2011 March 27


    Some pictures of ice for Mr. Ho.... (4 photos)
  • 2011 March 02

    Marina and Naomi

    Marina lost a front tooth two days ago. Seemed like a good time to take a picture of the girls.... (2 photos)
  • 2011 February 13


    I hiked from Stanford Ave up Horse Heaven trail, but took a right at the stream after the switchbacks to make a beeline up to Mt. Allison. From there I walked south to Monument Peak, then back north up and over Mission Peak then back down the Peak Trail t... (9 photos)
  • 2011 January 24

    Weekend Hikes

    I took a good 6.5 mile hike on Saturday. Spent most of the time off the trail, which made it fairly strenuous. I saw 5 coyotes toal, some deer, and some suspicious cows. Sunday Marina and I went roller skating, then for a very nice hike in the late afte... (20 photos)
  • 2010 December 31

    Cal Skate

    Our new favorite place. Marina and I brought our skates for some serious counterclockwise fun! We even won the "dot game" and she got a coupon for free admission. Cal Skate rocks!... (10 photos)
  • 2010 December 29

    Mission Peak with Mimi

    Mimi and I took a hike up the peak. Up the peak trail, then crossed over to the south side and halfway up Mt. Allison, then down Horse Heaven trail.... (7 photos)
  • 2010 December 26

    Montaña de Oro

    Pop and I took a walk up in the hills. I would come to this park quite a bit when I was in school here.... (14 photos)
  • 2010 December 25

    A Very Waechtler Christmas

    We drove down to Los Osos to hang with the Waechtlers. Fun times with 3/4 of the family!... (12 photos)
  • 2010 December 24

    Christmas a Day Early

    We celebrated Christmas a day early since we're driving to EMRG's place later today. It's so much fun watching these girls get their presents!... (18 photos)
  • 2010 December 10

    Chicago Holiday Party

    Arti and I flew to Chicago to go to the Groupon Holiday Party at the Field Museum. The girls were in the loving hands of Nani while we were gone. We had some great meals at the Green Zebra and at Topolobampo.... (29 photos)
  • 2010 December 04

    Niles-Sunol Christmas Train

    We rode the train from Niles to Sunol and back this evening with Nani. Marina made a friend along the way.... (8 photos)
  • 2010 December 04

    Horse Heaven

    A nice 6 miler today -- up and down Horse Heaven trail.... (6 photos)
  • 2010 November 29

    Marina's First Loose Tooth

    Marina's first baby tooth came out today. Sha had been working it all day, and it came out when she was brushing her teeth. Thanks to Mimi for the beautiful toothpillow!... (11 photos)
  • 2010 November 26

    Sunol Peak

    Northeast of Mission Peak is Sunol Peak. I'm pretty sure it's all private property, but thankfully I didn't have any run-ins with a 12 gauge. It was a super nice walk, with the brisk air and the hills just starting to turn green. A nice mix of on- and o... (38 photos)
  • 2010 November 07


    Fun time with Nani, Ashu and Cheryl. If you're Indian and you love to party, have a happy happy happy happy Diwali!... (6 photos)
  • 2010 October 30

    Mission Peak Slide

    I took a walk through what I think is the final frontier of the Fremont Hills ... the slide area to the north of Mission Peak. I climbed up about 2/3 of the way up the slide itself and decided to climb back down after having visions of newspaper headlines... (25 photos)
  • 2010 October 11

    Ed Levin Deadpools

    I took a walk mostly off the trails in Ed Levin and came across the bones from three cows.... (8 photos)
  • 2010 September 23

    Chicago for Business

    ... (15 photos)
  • 2010 September 18

    Marina's Petting Zoo Party

    ... (17 photos)
  • 2010 September 12

    Happy Hollow

    I took the girls to Happy Hollow today. It's such a great place for the little ones!... (10 photos)
  • 2010 September 11

    Ed Levin and Beyond

    I had a really neat walk through Ed Levin and across some private property with awesome trails, trees, and streams.... (18 photos)
  • 2010 September 03

    Ladybug Larva

    This guy was in the fridge on a piece of lettuce. We took it out after a bit and it came back to life. These shots were taken with the built-in flash bounced off the wall behind the bug, and re-bounced off of a piece of white paper in front of it.... (2 photos)
  • 2010 August 30

    Caterpillar Two

    Naomi and I found another huge caterpillar on the grapes today. This one was orangish yellowish.... (4 photos)
  • 2010 August 28

    Backyard Caterpillar

    Marina found this GIANT caterpillar climbing on one of the grape plants in the backyard.... (10 photos)
  • 2010 August 20

    Naomi Birthday

    We celebrated Naomi's 2nd birthday all day long!... (18 photos)
  • 2010 August 14

    Sunset State Beach

    We celebrated Jesse's birthday at the beach today. The girls (especially Marina) really love to play in the sand and the water.... (8 photos)
  • 2010 July 30

    Mendhi / Sangeet for Ashu

    ... (51 photos)
  • 2010 July 21

    Make Mine a Double

    I went straight from work to hike up Mt. Allison and Mission Peak last night. Total distance was ~10 miles. Sandwich dinner at Mt. Allison was delicious.... (13 photos)
  • 2010 July 11

    Big Basin Camping

    We went with Kelly, Saul, and their girls for a fun few days at Big Basin.... (33 photos)
  • 2010 June 20

    Front Yard Progress

    Round Up went down on the grass yesterday. Got rid of the jasmine and succulents. Started in on the bricks.... (28 photos)
  • 2010 June 06

    Rock Candy

    Marina and I made Rock Candy... (5 photos)
  • 2010 May 30

    Megan and Lukas

    We drove up to Arcata to see my cousin get married. I had the honor of being the official photog. Here are my favorite of the 1,600 shots I took that day.... (137 photos)
  • 2010 May 19

    EHG at Castle Rock

    The Symantec Health engineering team took a hike today at Castle Rock State Park just outside of Saratoga. There are few places with as varied and dramatic scenery. We beat the rain and had a delicious lunch after our 4.5 mile trek.... (25 photos)
  • 2010 May 08

    Picnic Table

    I made this table for the girls today.... (3 photos)
  • 2010 April 29

    Peaks Backward

    Starting from Ohlone, I walked to Ed Levin county park in Milpitas.... (21 photos)
  • 2010 April 04


    ... (24 photos)
  • 2010 March 22

    Marina and Naomi

    ... (14 photos)
  • 2010 March 21

    Peak Trifecta

    I hiked from Ed R. Levin county park in Milpitas over Monument Peak, Mt. Allison, and MIssion Peak and down into Fremont where Arti picked me up at 680 and Mission Boulevard. All in all it was 11 miles.... (53 photos)
  • 2010 March 20


    There was a great opportunity this evening to see the ISS. In San Jose, it passed directly overhead at magnitude -3.2.... (2 photos)
  • 2010 March 09

    Laguna with PDC

    Awesome photos by Dito Milan of (11 photos)
  • 2010 February 28

    Bicycle Sunday / Pulgas Water Temple

    On Sundays, a stretch of Cañada road is closed to cars so that bicyclists can enjoy this wonderful part of the peninsula.... (14 photos)
  • 2010 January 31

    2010131 Mission Peak

    Pop and I went up Mission Peak on a beautiful January morning. We took the "normal" path up to Hidden Valley, then cut across to Horse Heaven Trail to get to the peak. That's the best way up and down.... (12 photos)
  • 2010 January 23

    Mt. Umunhum

    We drove up Mt. Umunhum in search of the NEXRAD doppler radar station.... (8 photos)
  • 2010 January 10

    Mission Peak

    I did the old standard Fremont hike today. When I was talking to a guy and his son at Hidden Valley, I realized that it's been 25 years since I first was up there. Old.... (17 photos)
  • 2010 January 09

    Gingerbread House

    Marina made this at preschool before Christmas. We wanted to take some photos of it before it went to the great gingerbread house in the sky...... (5 photos)
  • 2010 January 01

    Oakland Zoo

    ... (13 photos)
  • 2009 December 22


    ... (3 photos)
  • 2009 December 21

    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    ... (5 photos)
  • 2009 December 19


    ... (8 photos)
  • 2009 December 12


    I stumbled across a cache of eggs today while I was doing some yardwork.... (3 photos)
  • 2009 December 05

    25 Hours of Thunderhill

    ... (78 photos)
  • 2009 November 29

    Kite at Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge

    No kites allowed!... (2 photos)
  • 2009 November 26


    ... (12 photos)
  • 2009 November 21

    Cheryl and Ashu's Engagement

    ... (81 photos)
  • 2009 October 04

    Half Moon Bay + Pumpkins

    Pescadero State Beach + Pumpkin Patch... (21 photos)
  • 2009 October 03

    Hidden Villa Farm

    Hoedown in Los Altos...... (5 photos)
  • 2009 September 26


    What we did this weekend.... (10 photos)
  • 2009 September 22

    Marina's Birthday

    Marina turned 4 today so we had a party!... (24 photos)
  • 2009 September 13


    Hairstyles, weather, climbing, cuddling, and pinata-ing.... (15 photos)
  • 2009 August 29


    Fun at Dave and Tammi's on a really hot day.... (11 photos)
  • 2009 August 22

    Naomi Birthday Party

    Pictures from Naomi's party today.... (14 photos)
  • 2009 August 21

    Afterparty Playtime

    Marina and Naomi play outside the day after Naomi's first birthday.... (21 photos)
  • 2009 July 20

    Backyard Bubbles and Stuff

    Potpourri... (11 photos)
  • 2009 July 18

    G2X in M3

    I wired in a data acquisition system in the car in preparation of a trackday coming up.... (5 photos)
  • 2009 July 13

    Chicken Coop

    We moved Moose and Dopey into their real house today. Look inside for pictures of the making of The Coop as well as the move-in celebration.... (24 photos)
  • 2009 June 21

    Moose and Dopey

    For fathers day, we drove down to Gilroy to get a couple of hot chicks.... (10 photos)
  • 2009 June 09


    A week of vacation in Bellingham to see my folks, TBNC, Grandmother, Grandaddy, and Auntie Min.... (44 photos)
  • 2009 June 01

    Swimming Class

    Monday ritual.... (23 photos)
  • 2009 May 16

    Laguna Festival of Speed

    I went with JohnR and Justin down to Laguna to watch the cars race. MX-5 Cup race, DP Qualifying, GT Qualifying, and Koni Challenge race.... (77 photos)
  • 2009 May 12


    I got the car back from Tony and Ramon today. It purrs and handles!... (9 photos)
  • 2009 May 06


    A new (old) car!... (14 photos)
  • 2009 April 18

    Las Madres Egg Hunt

    Mom's group fun in the park on a warm Saturday.... (79 photos)
  • 2009 April 12


    Backyard fun with eggs and stuff.... (29 photos)
  • 2009 April 04

    Backyard Planting

    ... (15 photos)
  • 2009 March 21

    Bath and Gymnastics

    This morning, Naomi got a bath and Marina went to Gym class.... (13 photos)
  • 2009 March 15


    Bugs and flowers. Marina is all about bugs these days.... (11 photos)
  • 2009 March 01


    Marina's new critter pet.... (5 photos)
  • 2009 January 25

    Naomi Toes

    Naomi has really been into her toes for the last week.... (4 photos)
  • 2009 January 19

    Marina Swimming

    Marina's first day of swimming lessons. She had a great time!... (9 photos)
  • 2009 January 11

    Paint Plate

    Marina's palette from last night's art project.... (7 photos)
  • 2008 November 30

    Family Photos

    We had our photographer friend Liz Cantu ( come over today to take some family photos.... (12 photos)
  • 2008 November 16

    Cameraphone Stream

    Photos from my phone. Updated often.... (47 photos)
  • 2008 November 08


    We were about to dump this pitcher of fruity iced-tea that we forgot in the fridge when I reached for the macro lens...... (3 photos)
  • 2008 November 02


    We went to an ice cream place in Palo Alto, then for a little walk at Shoreline Park, then dinner at Cafe Yulong this afternoon.... (6 photos)
  • 2008 November 01

    Rainy Day

    Marina really really really wanted to play outside in the rain today.... (16 photos)
  • 2008 October 31


    ... (4 photos)
  • 2008 October 19

    Jameses Visit Day

    Stella and her folks came to visit us. Some pictures of her in here, as well as Naomi starting to want to stand and reach out for things.... (10 photos)
  • 2008 October 12

    Bath and Stuff

    Naomi and Marina... (10 photos)
  • 2008 October 05


    Derek had an "eventful" race today at Laguna. Though it looks bad, it really is just the door, rear quarterpanel, and hardtop that need cosmetic work. The TC Design rollcage did not get damaged, and Derek was unhurt.... (4 photos)
  • 2008 September 23

    Marina, Naomi, Sunflower

    Some random pictures from the last week.... (12 photos)
  • 2008 September 22

    Marina's 3rd

    Marina had some friends over today for a birthday party!... (30 photos)
  • 2008 September 07

    Naomi Bath II

    ... (6 photos)
  • 2008 September 06

    Backyard Macrofly

    Who knew a little fly could look so cool?... (3 photos)
  • 2008 September 06

    Marina Photoshoot

    Some time with Marina and the telephoto lenses on the new swingset.... (13 photos)
  • 2008 September 06


    ... (5 photos)
  • 2008 September 05

    Naomi Photoshoot

    I got out the "real" camera to take some photos of our new girl.... (8 photos)
  • 2008 September 04


    Found in the parsley in the backyard.... (3 photos)
  • 2008 August 27

    First Bath

    Naomi got her first bath today. It's a team effort.... (7 photos)
  • 2008 August 26

    Big Sister Party

    We threw Marina a party for her promotion to Big Sister!... (5 photos)
  • 2008 August 24

    Blanket Time

    Awake-fun on a blanket... (6 photos)
  • 2008 August 24

    Marina and Naomi

    Some couch-fun for the sisters.... (6 photos)
  • 2008 August 22


    She's here, all 9lbs 14ozs.... (35 photos)
  • 2008 August 02

    Cool Shirt

    Homemade cool shirt and cooler.... (12 photos)
  • 2008 July 06

    Butterflies at the Conservatory

    We had a fun day in Golden Gate Park with a mission of seeing some butterflies at the Conservatory of Flowers.... (13 photos)
  • 2008 June 15

    Garager's Day

    Garage fun.... (7 photos)
  • 2008 May 18

    Laguna Festival of Speed

    Formula Atlantic, Formula BMW, Historic IMSA... (49 photos)
  • 2008 April 27

    Miata Window Mechanism Removal

    Photos showing how to make removable windows in your Spec Miata.... (16 photos)
  • 2008 April 26

    Marina, Snails, Bugs, and Airplanes

    ... (17 photos)
  • 2008 April 13

    SCCA @ Laguna

    SCCA Vintage, BMW Club Racing, and Spec Miata Challenge... (40 photos)
  • 2008 March 15

    Rollbar Mount

    Homemade rollbar bullet cam and camcorder mount.... (5 photos)
  • 2008 February 29

    SCCA Licensing School

    Pop's photos from the SCCA race licensing school.... (42 photos)
  • 2008 February 16

    Alviso Afternoon

    We took a little walk around Alviso to enjoy the nice weather. Photos taken with my cameraphone.... (15 photos)
  • 2008 February 09

    Range Rover

    ... (27 photos)
  • 2008 January 07

    Mantle (Finally)

    Four months in the making, it's finally done.... (3 photos)
  • 2008 January 04


    Sustained rain + hurricane-force winds =... (8 photos)
  • 2007 December 27

    Dipity HQ

    Ryan and I set up monitors and whiteboards in our new office in San Francisco.... (6 photos)
  • 2007 December 05

    Family Photos

    We hired a photographer (Liz Cantu - to come take pictures of us for a Christmas card. Here are the best ones...... (15 photos)
  • 2007 December 03

    25 Hours of Thunderhill

    I was a crewmember for the MPME / Modified Magazine / TC Design / Molecule Labs Scion tC in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill race.... (41 photos)
  • 2007 November 04

    Silicon Valley Marathon

    Arti has trained for the last six months in order to compete in, and finish, this 26.2 mile running race.... (11 photos)
  • 2007 November 03

    Aiptek Holder

    Keeping an Aiptek A-HD steady enough for in-car use... (6 photos)
  • 2007 October 27

    Halloween Ladybug

    Marina in her ladybug costume goes to the Westside Preschool Halloween Fair.... (11 photos)
  • 2007 September 22

    Marina and Pranav's Birthdays

    We celebrated two birthdays at Nani's house today. Marina turned 2 and Pranav is just a bit older!... (31 photos)
  • 2007 July 29

    San Jose Grand Prix

    A behind-the scenes look at the 2007 SJGP.... (45 photos)
  • 2007 May 08

    Grand Canyon

    We took a trip to Phoenix to see the Collins/Bardar clan, then took a road trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Bobby! Cindy!... (55 photos)
  • 2005 September 19

    Alviso Night

    ... (2 photos)
  • 2005 February 15


    ... (95 photos)
  • 2005 February 13

    Kitecam at Shoreline

    ... (5 photos)
  • 2004 December 20


    ... (141 photos)
  • 2004 November 30

    Crew Conversions

    A silly Photoshop project from 2005.... (9 photos)
  • 2004 November 28

    SF Construction

    ... (3 photos)
  • 2004 November 21

    Shoreline Evening

    ... (12 photos)
  • 2004 October 29

    Yosemite Halloween

    ... (28 photos)
  • 2004 October 08

    Fiberglass Night

    ... (8 photos)
  • 2004 October 04

    Bay Night

    ... (5 photos)
  • 2004 October 02


    ... (4 photos)
  • 2004 July 05


    ... (250 photos)
  • 2004 April 18


    ... (189 photos)
  • 2004 February 13


    ... (37 photos)
  • 2003 December 26

    Belize Navidad

    We took a trip to a tiny island called Southwater Caye off the coast of Belize.... (122 photos)