2011 October 30


I made it to the top of Mt. Umunhum (3500ft) today. This mountain is known for "The Box" that sits atop it, which used to be the base of a large radar antenna operated by the Air Force from the 50s until the 80s. There is a project underway to turn this area into a public park, starting with a huge cleanup effort to remove the lead, asbestos, and other nasties from the facility.

My last attempt to summit Umunhum was thwarted by the thought of hillbillies and methmakers who are rumored to live in the area, as my route took me out of the park and onto private roads. After some careful planning on an alternate route that stayed 100% in the park land, I got a chance to try it today.

From Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve, take the Woods Rd trail for 2.7 miles. Turn left at the Barlow Rd trail and go a mile or so. Once you get to the "spine" of the mountain, turn right up the hill. This is very steep and somewhat treacherous, but was a very beautiful part of the hike once I was out of the thick underbrush.

You can download a .gpx track of the route at http://steinkamp.us/umunhum.gpx

Update 2011-11-01: I got a mysterious email after posing this. Check it out below:
From: TheBoxOnTheHill theboxonthehill@gmail.com
Subject: Illegal Hiking

Mr. Steinkamp,

Your hiking on Mt. Umunhum was done illegally and this is to advise you that the appropriate authorities have been notified.

The entire mountain is off limits it o the public and not open to hiking, biking, or any other access for that matter. You illegally trespassed on "Closed Area" and "Hazardous Area" property which is a misdemeanor citable offense.

http://www.openspace.org/news/ http://www.openspace.org/news/downloads/2011.07.22.MtUmClosedAreaMap.pdf

Next time, READ THE SIGNS. And don't claim any bullshit about "there were none". They're there and you know it.

Perhaps we notify your employer as well (as to what you're doing on your "spare time"... trespassing)

Remove the photos and your blog post and you might make things easier for you.

Vigilante park ranger? Crazed hillbilly protecting his meth crop?
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