2016 June 25

Vasona Adventure

We've been talking for a couple weeks about renting a pedal boat and tooling around Vasona Lake. Well, today we lived the dream. I happily pedaled from a fairly compact position (non-adjustable seats and all) while the girls practiced "accidentally falling" into the water. It was a hot day, so the girls were on cloud nine. I was hoping we'd get tossed out of the lake due to all the shenanigans, but alas we made a full circuit of the lake under daddy-power. Happy to oblige, girls! After returning to land, we got a cold treat then went to play at one of the playgrounds, then to the creek running through the park. We heard someone playing the clarinet in the distance and went to investigate. Just our luck that there's a weekly summer concert program at Vasona and we were just in time to hear 'The Klezmakers' put on a Klezmer show. Awesome luck! We got hungry though and returned home to make dosas then watch Castle in the Sky. Fun day!
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